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Bigg Boss OTT September 3 2021 written update: Nia Sharma out of house, Nishant-Moose become captains

Divya Agarwal still desparately looks for her connection in the house.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 03, 2021
cover image

Nia Sharma on Bigg Boss OTT.

The Bigg Boss OTT contestants wake up to Gal Mitthi Mitthi on day 26. Nia and Raqesh Bapat complain about the uncleanliness. They complain about Akshara Singh and Divya Agarwal. Nia Sharma says people living for a decade would also not have the kind of filth the house is seeing. Pratik Sehajpal tells Nia that Raqesh is bringing the topic for the first time. The latter says that Pratik is newer and thus, he doesn't know anything. On that, Muskaan Jattana argues that there is no need to bring that in the middle of the conversation. Raqesh walks out of there, while Nishant Bhat and Moose have an argument on the topic.

Nishant discusses what he feels Raqesh meant, with Neha Bhasin. The singer says that she is irritated because Pratik is not being open about his intentions with Nia. She says that him flattering her, is making their connection looking stupid. Nishant and Moose tease each other in the middle of their fight. The choreographer requests Bigg Boss to make Divya Boss Lady again. He also asks for the buzzer task (to change his connection from Moose).

Meanwhile, Pratik confused Neha for Nia, angering his connection more. The singer broke a cup and bowl in anger. Nishant and Moose keep fighting and come to Pratik to solve their issue.

While they talk, the other housemates try to steal the gold Pratik and Neha earned from Nia in Nia Ka Raj task. Neha alerts Pratik and they keep their treasure safe. Nishant and Moose try to talk and end up arguing. The influencer ends up crying and calls out to her mom once Nishant walks out. He comes back to resolve the issue.

Divya asks Akshara to fight with Neha and Nishant to distract Pratik. He asks Moose to distract him. Pratik walks out while Neha refuses to get out of the room. Finally, they are both out. The contestants haven't been able to steal the treasure yet. Pratik and Akshara end up fighting and Nia pauses them. She then asks them to move forward and presses play. Neha, Pratik, Moose and Nishant dedicate a song to taunt Akshara.

Divya, Millind and Raqesh still discuss how to steal Pratik and Neha's treasure. Akshara accuses Neha of blackmailing her with bombing and kidnapping. The Bhojpuri actress discusses that with Divya, Millind and Raqesh.

Nia Ka Raj ends. Millind-Akshara have 56, Raqesh-Shamita 44 and Pratik-Neha have 50 coins. Thus, Raqesh-Shamita are out of the race. Nishant-Muskaan, Millind-Akshara and Pratik-Neha are in the race. Nia's journey in the house ends.

Shamita talks to Millind about Akshara blaming Raqesh. When Shamita confronts Akshara, she goes and discusses the matter with Nishant. They both put a plan in place.

Neha is heard telling Pratik that she had a problem with his attitude - flipping and going behind Nia. The actor is the seen telling Nishant that he hopes they compete. The choreographer says he wants to be a captain and Pratik gives in. The latter promises to flirt less with Moose. Nishant asks Pratik and Moose to fight.

Nishant discusses his talk with Pratik, with Divya and Akshara. Pratik feels Nishant with play with Millind in the task. Divya asks Nishant if he will team up with her. He is still not ready for it.

Bigg Boss announces a new member. The contestants meet Udaariyaan. The three connections have to convince him to decide who will be the next Boss Man and Boss Lady. Nishant and Moose become the Boss Man and Boss Lady.

While Nishant opens up to Moose, Shamita and Raqesh get into an argument once again. When Raqesh asks Shamita not to give up on them, she reminds him about how he had said that their connection is over. Raqesh walks away. Shamita asks Bigg Boss to cut the connections stating she is going nuts. Meanwhile, Divya asks Bigg Boss to give the buzzer task. Shamita comes back to Raqesh and asks him to finish the conversation. Shamita talks about their failed relationships.

Pratik kisses Moose and calls her 'little brother'. The influencer later tells Akshara that she feels Divya tries to add fuel to the fire when people argue. Bigg Boss announces the report card and the viewers are happy. Akshara defends Pratik in front of Divya, stating Neha is influencing him.

Shamita calls out to Raqesh and asks him for a hug. He gives her a jhappi and kiss. Meanwhile, Nishant tells Divya about what made the choreographer change his decision for Pratik. Nishant hopes to have an intelligent task on day 27.

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