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Bigg Boss OTT written update August 18 2021: Karan comforts Ridhima, Nishant wants Neha out of the house

Akshara also said that she has lost all her respect for Neha

Sunidhi Prajapat
Aug 18, 2021
cover image

Ridhima started crying again while talking to Karan and remembering about whatever happened the previous day when she was called ‘kaamchor’, while the latter comforted her and told her not to cry.

Divya, Milind and Akshara were cooking in the kitchen, while Zeeshan was sitting in front of them and enjoying the food. He also said thank you to the three for making food.

The Bigg Boss camera panned towards Neha, who was hibernating in the middle of the day and mumbling in her sleep. A while later, Neha, Millind and Zeeshan started talking about Ridhima and Karan’s discussion from the previous day. The three were also heard judging Neshant’s loyalty among them all. 

In the kitchen, Akshara was funnily scolding Raqesh for dropping the food on the platform and making the kitchen dirty when he was eating, while Divya flirtishly told Raqesh that she will see him outside the Bigg Boss house.

In the garden area, Zeeshan, Millind and Neha started chit-chatting again and making fun of Karan, Ridhima, Nishant and Muskaan. The trio also discussed who’s eating how many chapatis, while Millind said that Raqesh is a big-time ‘bhukkad.’

Bigg Boss commanded everyone to come out in the garden area and stand in a line in front of the workstation. He announced that the contestants' performance was not very good and the viewers are not happy, so as a punishment, the gas supply for the next day will be available for only 4 hours, once in the morning and once at night. As soon as the announcement was over, the housemates started discussing how to curb this issue and what to make for the next day. Divya was seen taking charge of the breakfast.

Moose, Nishant and Pratik were goofing around and joking with each other, while Pratik said that he needs to talk to Akshara because she seems upset with him. He asked her to come outside for a chat. He asked her why she is upset with him, to which she replied that she is not. The duo talked about Neha, while Akshara mentioned that she has lost all her respect for the singer after yesterday’s fight. 

When Muskaan and Pratik started talking and joking with each other in Punjabi language, a few minutes later Bigg Boss announced that everyone has to speak only in Hindi.

In front of Muskaan, Pratik and Akshara, Nishant confessed that he wants Neha to be out tomorrow.

The episode did not witness any fights among the contestants, even though people were upset with each other.

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