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Bigg Boss Tamil 6 October 27 Highlights: Azeem mocks Shivin, audience call him the worst contestant ever on Bigg Boss

Audience have called Azeem's latest behaviour, an insult to the transgender community

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 October 27 Highlights: Azeem mocks Shivin, audience call him the worst contestant ever on Bigg Boss
Azeem; (right) Shivin
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 11.07 AM, Oct 28, 2022


As the doll house task reached a feverish peak yesterday, contestants were pushed and shoved to prevent each other from placing the doll inside the house. In the meantime, Azeem, who seems to have not learnt his lesson at all even after the show's host Kamal Haasan asking him to behave in a responsible and courteous manner, went a step ahead yesterday and mocked transperson Shivin by clapping  the way the transgender community is stereotyped in Indian films.

When the fight gets nasty, Shivin says that there is a difference between violation and decorum. That's when Azeem mocks Shivin with the clap. Vikraman, who is present there, immediately reprimands Azeem asking why he is behaving in such a prudent manner. However, Azeem is in no mood to listen. Later, when Vikraman asks Shivin about why she didn't question him about it, she says that it didn't affect her. She adds that she is enjoying the show and the audience too is. Shivin says that Azeem is burning his own fingers by behaving in such a disgusting manner.

The clamour for eviction of Azeem has grown on social media and many contestants have billed him as the worst contestant ever on the show. One of the users wrote, "This breaks my heart A guy is mocking #LGBTQ on a national television.#Azeem deserves a RED CARD @ikamalhaasan - Not jus warning, you need to give him a red card and evict.This will set an example! #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil6 (sic)."

Another user wrote, "#Shivin Ninachuruntha #Azeem pana transgender clap mocking ah vachu our alugai drama create pani, public voda support ah sympathy moolama allirkalam. But she didn't do it.  Example of being genuine, calm, composed More fires to you girl (sic)."

Check out a few more reactions here

Here's what Shivin told Vikraman after Azeem mocked her.

In the meantime, Manikandan, too, is under the radar of the audience for mocking Shivin and many have questioned his disgraceful behaviour. ​

As weekend approaches, audience are hoping that Kamal Haasan gives Azeem and Manikandan an earful. Many have even suggested that Azeem should be sent out of the house with a red card.