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Bigg Boss Tamil November 6 Written Update: Sherina out of the house, eviction card written in Malayalam

Sherina walks out of the house without saying a proper goodbye to her housemates and Aysha breaks down

Bigg Boss Tamil November 6 Written Update: Sherina out of the house, eviction card written in Malayalam
Sherina evicted, the eviction card is written in Malayalam
  • P SangeethaTeam OTTplay

Last Updated: 04.07 AM, Nov 07, 2022

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The weekend episode started on a hot note as the show's host Kamal Haasan roasted the housemates for keeping the house untidy and for their lethargic attitude towards the tasks in the house. He also slammed Sherina and Aysha for constantly conversing in Malayalam and said that this is a Tamil show and asked them to respect the fact.

Kamal Haasan then asks the housemates to give a mixture to one housemate who they think have not been participating in anything and have just been watching the game. Nivashini gets the maximum amount of mixture. Most of the housemates complain that she eats alone and when there is an important issue to discuss, she avoids it by giving petty reasons.

Nivashini later explains that the reason she eats alone is because people commented on the way she ate and later she lost her appetite. Hence, she preferred to eat alone. She adds that she is trying to cope with the same and get used to the change. Kamal Haasan then asks her where is the Nivashini that came with a fire to the show and wins the game. Nivashini states that she will up her game. Nivashini asks her to eat all the mixture and then start afresh. He later joculary says that he expected Kathir's place to get filled but his change in behaviour seems to have made housemates change the decision. He announces that Kathir is saved for the very season. He also advises him to not smile at everything and think about certain decisions.

Later, Kamal Haasan reprimands Ram for being extremely lazy and says that he wants to see him wash all the vessels. When he asks Ram why is so lethargic, Ram says that he has been taking medicines and hence he feels sleepy. Kamal Haasan then throws a googly at him and tells him that he has spoken to his doctor and he has said that none of the medicines that he has suggested would make a person sleep.

Kamal Haasan finally announces that Sherina has been evicted. And the eviction card is written in Malayalam. Sherina walks out of the house in a huff and tells Kathir to take care of Aysha. Aysha breaks down.

The housemates perform a small show for Kamal Haasan on his birthday (November 7) and Kamal Haasan sends them a birthday cake.