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Birthday Chit-Chat: My ex-wife is planning to take me out for a fabulously expensive lunch, says ‘Birthday Boy’ Gulshan Devaiah

The actor was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay

Birthday Chit-Chat: My ex-wife is planning to take me out for a fabulously expensive lunch, says ‘Birthday Boy’ Gulshan Devaiah
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  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 07.38 AM, May 28, 2023


Happy Birthday Gulshan! Can you please share your birthday plans with us?
Thanks so much! My birthday plans are that, my ex-wife, who is also my best friend will be taking me out for a fabulously expensive lunch.

Since it's your birthday, it goes without saying that you will be spending with special people. Do you mind letting us know who are these special people?
Oh! That’s going to be my ex-wife, the most special person in my life. Did I mention that I keep repeating myself, but she's also my best friend now. (smiles)

And… where are you guys celebrating?
I don't know… but, she has booked some fabulously expensive place in Mumbai.

If you jog down the memory lane, what is that you would like you recall about the birthdays that you have had during your childhood?
Oh… my mother’s cakes which she used to bake on gas oven. I really remember that. I am really looking forward to having those cakes.

Do you remember any of the birthday gifts that you have received during your growing years?
Actually, the best birthday gift that I got was not really a gift. On the 28th of May 2000, I won the ‘Best Design Collection’ at the NFT where all the winners from all the centres were competing with each other. I won that competition. It was totally unexpected, but I won it. And that too, it was on my birthday. It almost felt like a birthday gift. I think I got about Rs. 50,000 as my prize. I had never seen that kind of money. With that money, I bought a motorbike for myself.

Have you ever gifted anything to anyone on their birthday, which still evergreen in your memory?
Not clearly, I can't remember. I may have gifted someone on my birthday. I can recall that, once, we had a birthday party once at home, when a whole bunch of friends had come. I went and bought pizzas for Rs. 25,000! I would assume that because the pizzas were so good that, it, sort of acted as my return gift to all the people who had come to the party.

If you had to describe yourself in five words, how will you do that?
even though I cannot describe myself in five words, still… it would be funny, lazy, interesting, humorous and quirky.

Is there a reason or a situation which would make you smile?
When I see something beautiful, that makes me smile. It could be anything. It could be the falling rain, or a sound or piece of music or song or somebody else's smile. It could be just anything.

If you look back in time and have an option of shifting gears and changing your career, would you be doing that?
I would if I knew that this would work. I don't know what exactly different I would have done if I was given the opportunity to go back and then change something. I cannot be sure that if it would have been that would have worked. So maybe that would have been even worse! So, the best is to not try and dwell in the past and try to change things.

During the growing up years, were there times when you did not like the way you look?
All the time.
I still don't like the way I look. But I accept it. I wish I was as handsome as Sidharth Malhotra.

Tell us about the greatest strength and also your greatest weakness.
My greatest weakness is that Im lazy. My greatest strength is also that Iam lazy. Because, you know that laziness sometimes keeps you out of trouble. Because you can't be bothered to do things. And when you don't do too many things, it means no trouble at all. (laughs)

Since it’s your birthday today, have you planned for the life ahead after today?
I plan to be alive. Let's see if I succeed in that!

Have you promised yourself something on your birthday?
No. I have not promised myself anything actually.

How would you describe your birthday state of mind?
Irritated! That’s because I want to do nothing. But everybody wants to do something or the other. They want to wish, come over and like you know, cut a cake or bring a gift or particularly these annoying 12 AM callers... So, it's very irritating. I'm mostly very irritated on my birthdays!

Since his birthday today, tell us the three things which no one knows about you?
And… why would I say that? (smiles).

Are there any regrets in life till date?
Yes… but, I usually get over them. That’s because sometimes you don't know any better and people make mistakes and it's important for you to also sometimes forgive yourself and move on. That’s the only way to get better.