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Birthday Chit Chat With Celebs: Being a people’s person makes every single moment precious for me, says Sonu Sood | EXCLUSIVE

On the occasion of his birthday, Sonu Sood speaks about his childhood and a special campaign that his NGO is planning to launch today

Birthday Chit Chat With Celebs: Being a people’s person makes every single moment precious for me, says Sonu Sood | EXCLUSIVE
Happy Birthday Sonu Sood
  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 10.07 AM, Jul 30, 2023


After having started off from humble beginnings, Sonu Sood went onto become a successful movie star. Despite having achieved so much of success, the fact remains that he is still extremely grounded. And it is because of this nature, his fan following keeps on increasing by the minute. How can anyone forget Sonu Sood’s selfless contribution during the pandemic. He stepped out of his house and came out on streets to help the needy and helpless to ensure that they reach back home safely. No wonder then, he has been nicknamed as the ‘messiah’ of the common man. 

OTTPlay caught up with the man himself Sonu Sood on the occasion of his birthday for an exclusive interview.

Hello Sonu. Can you tell us with whom are you planning to spend your birthday?
It will be with people from all over who come to me with pure love. Even though they do not know if I will be there in Mumbai or not, still, they travel thousands of miles to reach here. I will be there with them. Of course, my family will be there too. It is going to be extremely special connecting with all the loved ones.

If you had to jog down the memory lane, what is it that you would like to recall about the birthdays that you have had during your childhood?
It has to be the ones which were spent with my mom and dad. Both my mom and dad always ensured that all my birthdays were really special. They made sure that I feel nice about it. I am sure that wherever they are, they must be blessing me as always.

Do you remember any of the birthday gift/s that you had received during your growing up years?
I was very fond of toy guns. This is something that my father always knew of. That’s why every time he used to travel to Delhi, he used to make sure that he got me the best of toy guns. I still have preserved those toy guns. Those days were the best days of my life. Now, if I look back, I realise the kind of efforts my father must have put in those days to get those toy guns for me. He made sure that I got the best ones. Those moments may never come back. But, when I look back in time, it always makes me nostalgic about those days and moments with my parents.

Have you ever gifted anything to anyone on their birthday that is still evergreen in your memory?
Every time, during my birthday, there are many people who come and celebrate their birthdays with me. It is moments like this that I feel is more than any gift to anyone.

Tell us reasons/ situations which would make you smile.
When you bring a smile on an unknown face and you get blessed by them in abundance because they see a ray of hope in you. That makes my day special. That journey makes me feel that I am doing something special for the people.

We hear that your NGO ‘Sood Charity Foundation’ (SCF) is starting a campaign on your birthday with the motive of spreading smiles all over. Can you throw some light on that?
Well… you heard it right. On my birthday, my NGO ‘Sood Charity Foundation’ will be launching an extremely heartfelt campaign called ‘Main Bhi Sonu Sood’. In order to be a part of this exciting campaign, all that one needs to do is share their acts of compassion or helping anyone in need. It can be a person or an animal. Then, they need to upload the same on social media by tagging SCF. We are planning to reward the best entries. Because they made someone smile, our prizes to the winners will surely make them smile for being a real-life messiah.

If you had to look back in time and had an option of shifting gears and changing your career, would you be doing that?
I was destined to be an actor and be in front of the camera.

During your growing up years, were the times when you did not like the way you looked?
I was and am always happy with the way I looked.

Okay, since it's your birthday today, have you planned for the life ahead after today?
I never plan as such. But I do want to tell here that the path that I am following to reach out to the needy and do something for them, I hope that I am successful in doing that on a larger canvas.

Since it's your birthday, tell us about one thing which no one knows about you.
My life is an open book. Everyone knows everything about me. Being a people’s person makes every single moment precious for me.

What's happening on the professional front?
I am busy with the shooting of my film 'Fateh'.