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Birthday special: Anu Malik reveals his plans, most special birthday food that he relishes

The multi-talented Anu Malik, who has, to his credit, of having composed music for many chartbusters was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay on the occasion of his birthday

Birthday special: Anu Malik reveals his plans, most special birthday food that he relishes
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Last Updated: 02.29 PM, Nov 02, 2023


Musician Anu Malik is definitely one of the most talented composers one has seen in Bollywood. You may like him, or hate him…but, just cannot ignore him and the legacy of his work which has spanned decades together! Even though he is the son of the legendary music composer Sardar Malik, Anu Malik worked his way up to reach the pinnacle of success! Armed with a ‘never-say-never’ attitude, Anu Malik has never minced his words when it comes to calling a spade a spade. Testimony to his music are his works in films like Judwaa, Baazigar, Main Hoon Na and many others. His latest track ‘Tra La La’ in Sultan Of Delhi had got widely appreciated.
On the occasion of his birthday, OTTplay caught up with Anu Malik for an exclusive interview. Here are the excerpts:

Since it's your birthday, it goes without saying that you're spending your birthday with your special people. Do you mind telling us who these special people are with whom you will be spending your birthday?
I always wanted to be with the people who have stood by me and who have contributed to my success who are my closest friends. Besides them, I will be spending my birthday with my family and also the people who love me and care for me and will be around me all the time.

If you jog down the memory lane, what is it that you would like to recall about the birthdays that you have had during your childhood?
That’s an amazing question! During my childhood, I used to wait for my birthday every year so eagerly. One of the main reasons was that, during my birthday, my mother used to make special food. But, let me also tell you one thing. I really don’t know what magic my mother had in her hands that even the simplest of the food that she made used to taste like royal food. 

Please carry on...
That’s what they say ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’ is the best khaana in the world. The kind of love with which she used to make the food was simply amazing. I really used to cherish the malaai rabri, peas pulav and cholas. The best was the way she used to serve the food. The look that I used to see in her eyes was truly magical. After serving the dish, the way she used to look for an approval from her son was simply amazing! And you know what… the moment you asked me this question, I have tears in my eyes…

Have you ever gifted anything to anyone on their birthday that is still evergreen in your memory?
I keep on doing that all the time for many, but I choose not to talk about it…

Tell us reasons/ situations which would make you smile.
I always like to smile. The fact that God has gifted me this talent of composing music is something that will always make me smile and be grateful to God. Suppose if I get into a lift and I see a person there and start talking to him and that will make him feel thrilled, as he must not have expected me to talk to him. Simple situations like these always make me smile. When I see that I can help somebody, that makes me smile. I smile when somebody is smiling.

If you had to look back in time and had an option of shifting gears and changing your career, would you be doing that?
I would say if there's another janam (birth) then… please give me music. And please give me the same mother and father and also the same family because music is something which is very close to me. It's a very strong weapon for me to help people elevate their moods, change their moods and make them happy. That’s why Iam always grateful to God for this talent, and I cannot thank Goddess Saraswati Maa enough.

During your growing up years, were the times when you did not like the way you looked?
I was a great fan of the late Rajesh Khanna in those days. I used to wear a belt over my kurta and have fun…. But I'm cool. I always say Thank You to God for everything He has given me. Those days, I used to feel happy when I used to experiment with my hair, my shoes and my dresses. But then later, I accepted myself saying, this is what I am and this is what it's going to be. And I'm really happy with the way it is. And I'm grateful to God for everything. You're asking me these questions at a time when I have started becoming so grateful to the Lord. It's totally impossible for me to put it in words.

Okay, since it's your birthday today, have you planned for the life ahead after today?
I live for the moment. After Covid, my perspective towards life and people have changed. I'm grateful for every second that I breathe and live. I am grateful when the sun rises in the morning. I always tell God, ‘Thank You God for this day!” And, when I opened the windows to see the sun outside, I always thank God for this for such moments.

How would you describe your birthday state of mind?
Total contemplative bliss…

On the professional front, what is keeping you busy?
There is something really, really good happening. But I cannot announce it right now. I am waiting for the producers and director to announce it. As for me, I am so eagerly waiting for the moment of announcement.

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