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Bodkin trivia: 6 lesser-known facts about the quirky Netflix thriller series

Netflix's latest series, Bodkin is a series with a quirky twist.

Bodkin trivia: 6 lesser-known facts about the quirky Netflix thriller series

Now You Know

Last Updated: 12.11 AM, May 28, 2024


Netflix's latest series, Bodkin is a quirky series that takes a refreshing spin on the true-crime podcast phenomenon, akin to Only Murders in the Building, but with a distinctive Irish twist. Produced by Higher Ground, the production company founded by none other than Barack and Michelle Obama, Bodkin stars Will Forte as Gilbert Power, an upbeat American podcaster embarking on a quest to unravel a long-standing mystery in the fictional town of Bodkin. Alongside Forte, Siobhán Cullen portrays Dove, a sceptical print journalist with a disdain for podcasts as legitimate journalism, while Robyn Cara shines as Emmy, an eager researcher diving headfirst into her inaugural field assignment. Set against the backdrop of Ireland's captivating yet enigmatic landscapes, Bodkin seamlessly blends comedy and thrills as our trio navigates the eccentricities and hidden truths of Bodkin.

We live in a world obsessed with small town mysteries. There’s just something deliciously ominous about crimes set in mofussil towns or remote villages. So when Netflix released Bodkin, an off-beat satire on small town mysteries, expectations were unrealistically high. A podcasters trio arrive in a small village in Ireland called Bodkin to excavate the events that led to the disappearance of three individuals at their annual festival. Only problem, this curious habeas corpus took place 20 years ago and to make matters sticky, the village folk seem to be excessively dodgy and all is evidently not what it seems. If this premise isn’t sufficient to pull you into the series, here are some insider nuggets about the series in today’s episode of Now you know.

  1. In the climatic episode of Bodkin, deftly helmed by the visionary Paddy Breathnach, audiences are whisked away to the enchanting eve of the Samhain Festival, a venerable celebration steeped in ancient Celtic lore. Filmed amidst the rustic charm of Union Hall, a quaint fishing village in West Cork, and the idyllic Belmont Estate in Co. Wicklow, this installment encapsulates the essence of the ages-old festival, better known today as Halloween. Samhain, heralding the close of the Celtic year and the dawn of a new cycle, has origins that predate the advent of Christianity by over 2,000 years! Netflix treated fans to a mesmerising behind the scenes peek with an enthralling BTS clip, unveiling the meticulous craft behind the spellbinding Samhain Festival portrayed in Bodkin. From breathtaking pyrotechnics to towering puppets and a cast of over 300 extras, the recreation of this grand event was nothing short of a cinematic marvel.
  2. While the captivating Irish backdrop of Bodkin may lure viewers into believing they've stumbled upon a real-life mystery, the truth is far more intriguing. Despite the trailer's cheeky assertion that the series is "Based on a true story...overheard at a pub," executive producer Alex Metcalf is quick to dispel any notions of authenticity. In a revelation via Tudum, Bodkin's primary setting, the eponymous Irish town, is a figment of imagination, meticulously crafted to exist solely within the realms of fiction. Bodkin purposefully navigates away from reality's shores, rejecting the temptation to anchor itself in existing true crime tales. Yet, amidst this realm of fiction, Bodkin skillfully manages the allure of true crime, ensnaring viewers in a labyrinth of suspense and fascination.
  3. Howth Castle, located in County Dublin, serves as a prominent and recurring backdrop in Bodkin, notably housing characters like Mother Bernadette and the nuns. Positioned on the scenic Howth Peninsula, just outside Dublin, it is home to lush golf courses and captivating hiking trails. Adding to its allure, the castle is nestled within the Deer Park golf course, adding a touch of grandeur to the series. Filming for Bodkin also captures the essence of Howth Village, found on the peninsula’s eastern edge, a mere 11 miles from Dublin City. These captivating locations not only enrich Bodkin’s narrative but also provide a stunning setting against which the series’ drama unfolds, blending mystery with the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland.
  4. In a recent interview, Will Forte shared a fascinating tidbit about his role in Bodkin. Despite the norm of extensive research, Forte took a different route, admitting to minimal preparation. Why? Well, it turns out Forte, hailing from Northern California, felt a deep resonance with his character—a fellow American with a podcast background and a penchant  for true crime. But here's the kicker—Forte didn't attribute his ease with the role to luck. No, he credited the script's brilliance, describing it as so finely crafted that even an extraterrestrial could deliver it with panache. So, there you have it, folks. Bodkin’s allure isn't just in its captivating storyline—it’s in the talent behind the scenes, making it all come to life.

Well that's all for this episode , until the next one its your host Nikhil signing out.

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Written by Kunal Guha

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