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Bramayugam: 7 reasons why this Mammootty starrer is a psychological horror masterpiece

As Bramayugam, starring Malayalam superstar Mammootty, continues to draw praise from critics and audiences alike, we highlight seven reasons that make this movie an instant classic. 

Bramayugam: 7 reasons why this Mammootty starrer is a psychological horror masterpiece

Mammootty in Bramayugam. 

Last Updated: 10.24 AM, Feb 21, 2024


Bramayugam has received widespread critical acclaim for its unique style, atmospheric tension, and the exceptional performances of its cast. Starring Malayalam superstar Mammootty in the lead role, the film has resonated with the viewers for its originality and is set to become a standout entry in the psychological horror genre.

Bramayugam also fearures Arjun Ashokan and Sidharth Bharathan in key roles. The film explores the themes of power abuse, and slavery and the toll they take on the collective consciousness of humanity. 

Here are the seven highlights that make Bramayugam, by filmmaker Rahul Sadasivan, an instant classic:

Unique cinematography:

Bramayugam is shot in black-and-white creating a visually striking and unconventional look. The monochrome images add to the feeling of claustrophobia and isolation.

Atmospheric setting:

The film unfolds in a desolate estate in late 18th-century feudal Kerala. The deep jungles, a profound sense of isolation, the intense environment brought about by relentless rain, and the eerie mansion contribute to the overall atmospheric tension.


Powerful performances:

Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, and Sidharth Bharathan deliver compelling and intense performances. Their portrayals as three pawns trapped in a game of power, lies, deceit, and treachery significantly contribute to the film's unsettling atmosphere.

Psychological horror:

The movie delves into psychological horror, exploring the descent into madness of the characters as they grapple with isolation, paranoia, and supernatural occurrences. The film builds tension through psychological and surreal elements rather than relying solely on traditional horror tropes.

Bramayugam movie poster.
Bramayugam movie poster.

Symbolism and mythology:

Bramayugam incorporates traditional folklore and symbolism, drawing from myths and superstitions associated with sorcery. The symbolism adds depth to the narrative and invites viewers to interpret the film in various ways.

Minimalist storytelling:

Bramayugam employs a minimalist approach to storytelling, relying on the atmosphere, dialogue, and the characters' interactions to convey the narrative. This allows for a more immersive and thought-provoking experience.

Bramayugam poster.
Bramayugam poster.

Ambiguous narrative:

The film's narrative is deliberately ambiguous, leaving many aspects open to interpretation. It encourages audiences to form their own conclusions about the events in the story, contributing to discussions and theories surrounding the film.

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