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Breathless on Docubay – Here's everything to know about the latest documentary that explores dangers of asbestos

Daniel Lambo’s hard-hitting documentary Breathless can be watched on DocuBay and OTTplay Premium. 

Breathless on Docubay – Here's everything to know about the latest documentary that explores dangers of asbestos

Breathless is streaming now on DocuBay

Last Updated: 07.31 PM, Apr 26, 2024


Documentaries are special because they reflect life and its stark reality. DocuBay filters the process of searching for impactful documentaries by adding all the latest and most popular ones to its OTT platform daily. Recently, Daniel Lambo’s hard-hitting documentary Breathless dropped on the streaming platform and is now accessible to watch. Get ready to explore the shocking truths about deadly asbestos and its Indian connection. You can also stream it on OTTplay Premium.

What is asbestos and are they critical to health?

Breathless explores the secretive aesbestos industries and their devastating effects on human health and the environment. In the video clip shared by the platform, we get a glimpse of the promising narrative of this documentary. It has been shockingly revealed that one fibre of asbestos contains millions of small fibres that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Exposure to such thin, but dangerous, fibres for a long time causes life-threatening diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Watch the gripping trailer here:

Filmmaker Daniel Lambo unravels and exposes the dark side of asbestos. He also poses some insightful solutions to the threat.

Reasons to stream Breathless

Breathless is not a regular documentary, but filmmaker Daniel Lambo has a personal connection to it. After losing someone close to him, he embarked on a challenging journey to share his loss and turn it into something positive for the world. This personal journey navigates his struggle to bring justice for the innocent victims, one of whom was his beloved father. The story of Breathless is driven by his personal loss when he lost many neighbours to this human disaster.

It also highlights how some corporate greedy giants are now setting up these deadly factories in India and its rural towns. Breathless reveals that these factories have been opened in India to take advantage of the lawlessness in the country and also for the lack of knowledge in its citizens and prey upon daily wage labourers’ helplessness.

Breathless is a soul-stirring investigative documentary that poses a critical question of awareness and social justice.

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