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BTS takes spotlight in 'Marry My Husband': Exploring other K-Dramas that mention the global sensation

Let's delve into various K-dramas that have in one way or another featured the group BTS.

BTS takes spotlight in 'Marry My Husband': Exploring other K-Dramas that mention the global sensation

Stills from the K-drama 'Marry My Husband'

Last Updated: 07.04 PM, Jan 18, 2024


BTS, the globally acclaimed K-pop sensation, needs no introduction. From having record-breaking songs to holding record-breaking concerts, to their songs charting on Billboard Hot100, these seven men have amassed fans from across the globe. Even amidst their mandatory South Korean military service, their fanbase known as ARMY continues to grow.

Given their popularity, it is only natural for BTS to make appearances in K-dramas, TV shows, and movies. Their significance extends even to the realms of Simpsons, DC and Marvel, where they were mentioned in both "Eternals" and "Peacemaker".

So let's delve into various K-dramas that have in one way or another featured the group BTS.

Marry My Husband:

The reason behind writing this article is due to the group's recent mention in the ongoing K-drama 'Marry My Husband.' In their latest episode, the main characters were engaged in a conversation about BTS songs, sparking a viral sensation on social media. In the climax scene of Episode 6, Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young) is seen listening to BTS 'No More Dream' while Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na In-woo) approaches her. While the two converse, Ji-won accidentally drops her phone, revealing that she was listening to BTS' debut song. When Ji-hyuk inquires about her favourite BTS song, she responds with 'Dynamite,' while Ji-hyuk shares that he likes 'Spring Day' more.


In the pilot episode of Vincenzo, the group was acknowledged alongside Bong Joon-Ho (the Grammy award-winning director of the film Parasite) as individuals who have elevated the image of South Korea. During the episode, the driver was seen expressing concerns about certain criminals posing as taxi drivers, drugging passengers, and stealing their valuables. He, however, stated that what those people do is wrong, especially after figures like Bong Joon-Ho and BTS are working to improve the country's reputation.

The Penthouse: War In Life S2 and S3:

Though not explicitly mentioned, in Season 2, fans can spot a Jin & V shopping bag in the dressing room of one of the characters, Cheon Seo-jin. Additionally, in the same season, one of the teenagers, Bae Ro-na, is seen with BTS' debut album single on her dressing table. In S3, two characters, Bae Ro-na and Joo Seok-hoon, were set to be meeting up for dinner. While waiting for the other actor, Seok-hoon was seen listening to music and the song playing was 'Permission to Dance'.

Hotel Del Luna:

In this show, centred around a special hotel offering solace to weary souls before they begin their journey into the afterlife, one episode featured a teenage girl whose final wish was to converse with her 'brothers'. It was later revealed to be the seven members of the K-pop group and after a heartfelt conversation, expressing how much their music meant to her, she was seen leaving the scene while dancing to their hit song 'FAKE LOVE.'

For those unfamiliar, the male lead of the show, Yeo Jin-Goo, shares a close friendship with Jeon Jungkook, who even sent a coffee truck to the filming site. The lead actress, IU, a soloist herself, has collaborated with SUGA for her songs and is set to release her new single, which will feature V as an actor in her music video.

The Uncanny Counter:

In this drama, the main character walks into the bedroom of a little girl, who happens to be a dedicated fan of BTS. As the camera pans across the room, drawings of BTS and a framed picture of the group are seen hanging on the wall. Subsequently, a heartwarming conversation unfolds between the man and the young girl, discussing their mutual love for the group.

Hospital Playlist:

If ARMY are curious about the number of times BTS was mentioned in this show, a comprehensive compilation video could be created covering both seasons. Notably, two doctors in 'Hospital Playlist' are ARMYs, and the two main leads of the cast were also seen dancing to BTS songs. Additionally, BTS makes frequent visual appearances in the form of BTS coffee consumed by the doctors on the show.

Racket Boys:

In this show, after facing defeat in all of their badminton matches, the boys on their way back were seen embracing a unique and joyful form of celebration. They were heard singing along to BTS' 'Go Go,' and the scene radiates pure joy.

Business Proposal:

Jungkook took to Instagram to express how he was enjoying the K-drama 'Business Proposal.' The show's director, elated by Jungkook's mention, shared his admiration for the BTS member and teased ARMYs about the references to the Idol in upcoming episodes. And surely enough, one of the characters made a comparison between another character's visuals and Jungkook's. Furthermore, in a delightful moment, another character was spotted dancing to BTS hits 'Dynamite' and 'Blood Sweat and Tears.'

Strangers from Hell:

In this show, the female police officer is seen being notably friendly with her police captain. This had left many wondering the reason being the friendliness. However, the mystery was soon unveiled as she wanted a day off to attend the BTS concert. 

Shooting Stars:

In this show, a scene unfolds where one of the managers is tasked to please a writer to secure a role in a drama for her client. Upon investigating, she discovers that the writer failed to get tickets to a BTS concert. Fortunately, she had contacts (with her ex) and managed to successfully acquire BTS concert tickets for the writer, hoping this gesture would influence her decision in favour of the client.

Crash Landing On You:

In this drama, when the main lead finds herself in North Korea, she encounters a woman who is an ARMY, a fan of BTS. Complicating matters, listening to K-pop is illegal in North Korea. Despite the risks, the main lead engages in a conversation with a woman in a wheelchair, discussing BTS.

Lovestruck In The City:

In this series, characters consistently indulge in BTS coffee, a recurring event on the show. In Episode 13, fans can see an actor drinking from a coffee bottle with Kim Namjoon on it. 

Record of Youth:

In episode 2, during a karaoke session, Park Bo-gum's character, Sa Hye-jun, was seen showcasing his singing skills by performing BTS' 2014 song, 'Tomorrow.' To be more precise, he sings the part originally performed by SUGA.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty:

The drama used BTS' 'The Truth Untold' as a background song in the club scene, creating a perfect match for the atmosphere. Additionally, the show featured 'DNA' in episode 7 as well. Even 'Epiphany' by Jin was played in a scene.


The show, single-handedly responsible for increasing the K-drama viewer base, mentioned BTS when Secretary Kim performed their 2014 song 'Boy in Luv' while suggesting a possible gift for Ji Eun-Tak to Duk-Hwa.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo:

In Episode 3 of the K-drama, BTS' 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears' served as the background music in a restaurant scene. The show stars Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk in lead roles and draws inspiration from the life of Olympic gold medalist Jang Mi-ran.

Fight My Way:

The character played by Park Seo-Joon in the series gets pumped up for his fight in the ring with the help of BTS's song 'Fire.' Thematically, the song is a perfect fit as it speaks about underdogs who are striving to achieve success, aligning well with the character's journey in the storyline.

ARMY, which is your favourite and also if we have we missed any show, do let us know!

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