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BTS’ V makes an ad appearance with Jackie Chan and fans cannot keep calm

Fan wants to see behind the scenes of BTS’ V and Jackie Chan's ad

BTS’ V makes an ad appearance with Jackie Chan and fans cannot keep calm
BTS V (Kim Taehyung) and Jackie Chan

Last Updated: 09.17 PM, Mar 01, 2024


An advertisement featuring Jackie Chan with BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung has been going viral. The ad has released at a time when V is still serving in the military. The ad is the first collaboration between V and Jackie Chan and needless to say, fans were elated to watch them together.

The ad

Jackie Chan and V are seen bonding in the ad. The superstar addresses the pop star as a friend. The two even catch up and dine at the same table some time after. V is also seen searching through music records and playing one of them. His smile after doing so speaks volumes about his love for music, even in an ad. Soon after, we are transported to a world where V plays tennis. It is sure to make you miss all the lovely moments that BTS spent together playing various sports. Later, V drives a car and poses like a true supermodel. Once again, Jackie Chan and V come together and dance to the tunes of the record.

BTS V's collab with Jackie Chan
BTS V's collab with Jackie Chan

Fans are in awe

As if you didn’t already know about V fans, they are absolutely in awe of the handsome face just be himself in the ad. One fan requested a behind-the-scenes from the ad. Not just that, this fan wanted to see TaeChan in a movie together. V’s move reminded another fan of trying to pull off that same dance move with BTS’ Jimin in the background.

A video of TaeJoon going viral

Another video going viral is that of Kim brothers from the military camp. Kim Taehung and Kim Namjoon were expected to stand in attention but V being the baby he is, reached out to the BTS leader, who briefly entertained him before showing his leadership. The clip won the internet over, because both Tae and Joonie were being their authentic selves, despite them being in the military. Fans are thus hopeful that they will get to see the same BTS members who went for the military training, once the band reunites after June 2025.

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