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BTS’ RM dating Aespa’s Karina? Fans cannot process the rumours as they react strongly

BTS’s RM & aespa’s Karina were linked to each other after netizens observed something common between the two

BTS’ RM dating Aespa’s Karina? Fans cannot process the rumours as they react strongly
RM & Karina

Last Updated: 08.18 PM, Nov 07, 2023


The Korean boy band BTS makes news for every single thing that they do as a band, and the members personally too. While their songs are loved by a fandom that is spread across the globe, the boys are also adored for their charm and good looks. RM, one of the leading bandmates, has always been surrounded with headlines and is back at making them for the dating rumors with Karina. 

As per the latest reports that have gone viral on the internet, RM is probably dating aespa’s Karina. The reports come after Karina’s showed interest in the band Se So Neon and the fact that RM is a very good friend of Hwang So Yoon, who is the lead vocalist of Se So Neon. 

The rumor has left the fandom gasping for breath because they cannot wrap their heads around the possibility of BTS' RM dating aespa’s Karina, and they are calling this one of the most far-fetched rumors. If that was not enough, many have even taken to social media to troll the two. 

One X (formerly called Twitter) user took to the platform and wrote, “Literally NO army ever thinks or cares about Karina, but mys decided to attack RM, and body shame him unprovoked over some dumb rumor that we don't actually care about, so armys have every reason to respond and be just as vile as you are.”

Another wrote, “Funny how I seen nothing about a dating rumour between rm and karina until pannchoa Karina hating a** said it today and what’s the coincidence it’s on the day her trailer was released. Nah what happened was they seen that they both went to the same event and started that rumour.” 

Bashing Karina, a user wrote, “Namjoon sure said "I melt your heart into two" in Butter but that doesn't mean he'll date someone who will melt the moment they go out in hot weather bcoz she's 99 percent plastic- Namjoon is literally a grammy nominated artist and Karina? No one rlly knows her So sit tf down”. The reactions are wild and very random as the fandoms are at war, and many are even trying to find a middle ground.-

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