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Celebrating the musical genius of Mani Sharma: Five of his best Telugu film albums that have captured hearts and topped charts

On the composer’s 59th birthday, we take a deeper look at his vast body of work and attempt to decode his genius

Celebrating the musical genius of Mani Sharma: Five of his best Telugu film albums that have captured hearts and topped charts
Mani Sharma

Last Updated: 08.55 AM, Jul 11, 2023


Mani Sharma is a highly acclaimed composer in the Telugu film industry, renowned for his exceptional music compositions. With numerous hit albums to his credit, his music has played a pivotal role in the success of many films. He is regarded highly as a composer in Telugu cinema for several reasons.

Melodic Excellence

Mani Sharma has a remarkable ability to create captivating melodies that strike a chord with the audience. His compositions are known for their soul-stirring tunes, memorable hooks, and beautiful arrangements. His songs have the power to evoke emotions and enhance the storytelling in films.


One of the key aspects of Mani Sharma's success is his versatility as a composer. He has showcased his proficiency in various genres, be it romantic ballads, foot-tapping dance numbers, or high-energy background scores. He adapts to the demands of different film genres effortlessly, creating music that perfectly complements the narrative.


Mass Appeal

Mani Sharma's music has a universal appeal that transcends generations. His compositions often become chart-toppers and remain popular for years. His ability to strike a balance between commercial viability and artistic integrity has made him a favourite among filmmakers and music lovers alike.


Throughout his career, Mani Sharma has consistently delivered exceptional music. He has an extensive discography of successful albums, each showcasing his creativity and innovation. His consistent quality and dedication to his craft have earned him immense respect in the industry.

Impact on Film's Success

The impact of Mani Sharma's music on the success of films cannot be overstated. Many of his albums have played a significant role in the box office performance of movies. His songs often become anthems, creating a buzz and generating anticipation for the film's release.

On his birthday, let's take a look at five of Mani Sharma's best Telugu albums that have enthralled audiences with their mesmerising tunes and unforgettable melodies.

Okkadu (2003):

This film's soundtrack was a massive hit and showcased Mani Sharma's brilliance. Songs like Hare Rama, Nuvvem Maya Chesavo, Cheppave Chirugali became chartbusters and are still popular among music enthusiasts.

Pokiri (2006):

The music of Pokiri played a significant role in the film's success. The album featured energetic and catchy songs like Ippatikinka, Dole Dole, and the soulful Gala Gala Parutunna.

Athadu (2005):

Mani Sharma's composition for Athadu was highly appreciated. The album included melodious tracks like Pilichina Ranantava, Neetho Cheppana, and the popular Avunu Nijam.

Khaleja (2010):

Known for its unique and experimental music, Khaleja featured a blend of various genres. Memorable songs like Sada Shiva, Maja Maja, and the soothing Piliche showcased Mani Sharma's versatility.

Indra (2002):

Indra is a notable album that contributed to Mani Sharma's fame. The soundtrack boasted hit tracks such as Radhe Govinda, Bham Bham Bhole, and the emotional Ghallu Ghallu.

These albums represent some of the best works of Mani Sharma, highlighting his exceptional musical prowess and contribution to Telugu cinema.

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