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Chamok Hasan: For me, both music and mathematics are mediums of spreading joy

After Baba Baby O, Chamok Hasan is all set for Aritra Mukherjee’s next, Fatafati

Chamok Hasan: For me, both music and mathematics are mediums of spreading joy
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Last Updated: 12.57 PM, Apr 13, 2023

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Chamok Hasan’s Ei Mayabi Chander Raate in Baba, Baby O became an instant hit. Ever since the engineer-cum-musician’s work has been an area of interest among the Bengali audience. Hailing from Bangladesh, he is well-settled in the US. The audience will listen to his songs in Nandita Roy and Shoboprasad Mukherjee’s production, Aritra Mukherjee’s film Fatafati. 

Talking about the hit song, Ei Mayabi Chnader Rate, Chamok told Anandabazar Online that ever since he became a father and his responsibility rose. As a result, he could not give enough time to the music. 

He left Bangladesh in 2011. Talking about his country after living abroad for 12 years, Chamok said, “If we see something from afar, the view is a bit different. I miss my country and its culture. Staying apart from the closed ones creates nostalgia. These feelings come to my music.” 

Chamok grew up in Kustia. “There were a lot of musical works around me. I used to go there. I did not have any training with anyone. But I got the atmosphere. My friends also practiced music,” said the musician.  

Chamok is an engineer whose research is in mathematics. “Both music and mathematics are mediums of spreading joy to me. Many scientists wrote poems. We artificially divided them. Imagination is the common ground in both music and mathematics. We use mathematics to bind our imaginations together. We use music to convey this emotion to others,” he told in the interview, adding, “I consider myself lucky since my childhood. I was always a known face in my circle. I was a good student and took part in competitions. It does not feel different now. Lots of fame do not attract me.” 

Talking about his association with the Nandita-Shiboprosad, Chamok said, “That is a long story. My wife and I make songs while talking to each other. During the lockdown period, we made the song Ei Mayabi Chnader Rate. We published this on Youtube. Shiboprosad listened to it. The song was made as our memory.”