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Chinmayi Sripada slams TN CM's visit to #MeToo accused Vairamuthu

Chinmayi Sripada has slammed Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin's visit to poet Vairamuthu, who is facing multiple sexual misconduct allegations. 

Chinmayi Sripada slams TN CM's visit to #MeToo accused Vairamuthu
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin with poet Vairamuthu.

Last Updated: 05.01 PM, Jul 14, 2023


Popular singer and #MeToo activist Chinmayi Sripada has taken to Twitter to express her disappointment and criticize Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin for his recent visit to the house of poet Vairamuthu, who has faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct from several women.

In a lengthy post on Twitter, Chinmayi voiced her concerns and highlighted the contrasting treatment she has faced within the Tamil film industry. She wrote, "The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu personally visits the home of a man accused by several women of sexual harassment to wish him on his birthday; I, as a multiple award-winning singer and voice-over artiste, face a work ban by the Tamil Film Industry since 2018, for naming this poet as a molester in the MeToo movement."

Chinmayi expressed her frustration at the lengthy legal process and the lack of support she has received. She added, "A molester and a poet was born several decades ago and decided he can lay his hands on any woman, threaten her to silence with his closeness to multiple politicians, especially the DMK. He gets awarded multiple Padma awards and the Sahitya Natak Akademi award plus multiple National Awards. This is the power that this man has, and people asked why I and many other women didn't speak up earlier."

The singer further criticized the Tamil Nadu political landscape, highlighting the culture of silence and victim-blaming that perpetuates the issue. She lamented the lack of sensitivity, empathy, education, and awareness in addressing sexual harassment cases. Chinmayi called out the culture of celebrating sex offenders and harassing women who speak up against them.

"This land has this amazing culture that every year on a molester's birthday, men and women in/from the great Tamil Penniyam culture find it necessary to tag the woman that's molested and say 'Vayiru eriyudha?' This is our amazing rape apologist culture. Where they celebrate sex offenders and harass the women who speak up. Sensitivity, empathy, education, and awareness are zero," Chinmayi Sripaada expressed in her post.

She expressed her disillusionment with the pursuit of justice in the current scenario, stating, "Brij Bhushan to Vairamuthu, they will all always get away because politicians would rather safeguard these men. Why even bother wishing for this magical unicorn thing called Justice, which is basically absent in this land."

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