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Chithha on OTT: 5 reasons to watch Siddharth’s emotional drama

Siddharth and Nimisha Sajayan star in the thriller Chittha, which is directed by SU Arun Kumar . The film will be available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar starting November 28

Chithha on OTT:  5 reasons to watch Siddharth’s emotional drama

Last Updated: 08.09 PM, Nov 22, 2023


Siddharth's latest film, Chithha, received an overwhelming response upon its theatrical release. The film addresses the issue of child abuse. Helmed by SU Arun Kumar, the thriller is about a man whose world comes crashing down after his eight-year-old niece goes missing. It is about how far he will go to save his beloved niece. The film, which also stars Sahasra Shree, Nimisha Sajayan and Anjali Nair in key roles, received critical acclaim for its narration style and performances. After a successful run at the box office, the movie is gearing up to make its digital premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on November 28.


We've listed 5 reasons to watch the Siddharth-Nimisha Sajayan starrer on OTT.

A still from Chithha
A still from Chithha

1) Brilliant exploration of taboo topics

The film fearlessly delves into uncomfortable and often ignored subjects, such as child abuse and pedophilia. The film also challenges its audience to confront the harsh realities that society tends to turn a blind eye to, making it a compelling watch for those seeking thought-provoking films.

2. Compelling narration

The film not only handles mature themes but also shows maturity in its storytelling and cinematic styles. From the well-written characterization of Shakthi (Nimisha Sajayan) to the subtle yet impactful visuals, Chithha is a well-crafted movie. The attention to everyday instances elevates the film, making it a noteworthy cinematic experience.

Nimisha Sajayan and Siddharth in Chithha
Nimisha Sajayan and Siddharth in Chithha

3. Good performances

The movie has stellar performances, with Siddharth delivering what is hailed as his best performance to date. Nimisha Sajayan and Sahsra Shree have done equal justice in playing their characters. The emotional depth and authenticity that the characters bring add to the originality of the narrative. The supporting cast, even in brief appearances, contributes significantly.

4. A nuanced approach

Unlike conventional crime dramas that often sensationalise punishment, Chithha takes a nuanced approach by shifting the focus from perpetrators to victims. It also adds perspective to the storytelling, which in turn prompts viewers to reconsider their instinctive reactions and welcomes a more mature understanding of the underlying issues of child abuse.

A still from Chithha
A still from Chithha

5. A realistic take on human flaws

Chithha embraces the flaws of its characters. For example, during a meeting at which the intention of a serial killer is being discussed, a senior police officer casually distributes sweets to celebrate his wife's birthday. This seemingly ordinary moment humanises the police force, depicting them as individuals who are a part of the bureaucratic system.

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