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Choo Mantar postponed again: Will Sharan’s horror comedy get third time lucky?

Choo Mantar, which was initially announced as an April 5 release, was then pushed to May 10 and will now seek a new date with audiences.

Choo Mantar postponed again: Will Sharan’s horror comedy get third time lucky?
Sharan in a still from Choo Mantar

Last Updated: 12.53 PM, Apr 27, 2024


What is going on with Sharan’s next release, Choo Mantar? That’s the first question that struck when news of the film’s release being postponed yet again came up. Late last night, director Navneeth (of Karvva fame) took to social media to share a report that the film was being pushed ahead on technical grounds. This seems strange, given that the film was censored way back in March and is, as such, ready for release.

Attempts to glean the real reason from the team remained unsuccessful, with Sharan only saying that the team is now looking for another suitable date to bring it to theatres. However, a source tells us that the team is looking at making a few vital announcements in the coming days, which will not only drum up more excitement for it, but also help their cause with the business of post-release rights – mainly satellite and digital.


This is not the first time that Choo Mantar has been pushed ahead. When its release was announced, it was to be in theatres on April 5, with Sharan’s Avatara Purusha 2 slated for March 22. At the time, netizens discussed the futility of a two-week gap for Sharan’s films in theatres, following the there was a shake-up and Avatara Purusha 2 got the April 5 slot, while Choo Mantar was moved ahead to May 10. As of earlier this week, Choo Mantar was one of only 3 Kannada films in the race for May 10, along with Rishi’s Ramana Avatara and Vijay Raghavendra.

The source adds that the film is unlikely to be pushed too far ahead, and will most probably be a May release, since early June is Lok Sabha election results and June 14 already has Dhananjaya’s Kotee. Another major release that week is Mammootty’s next, Turbo, which has Raj B Shetty in a pivotal role and will be in theatres on June 13.

Navneeth’s film is about exorcism, with his character at the helm of it, Sharan had earlier told us. How he handles the supernatural occurrences experienced by a couple, played by Prabhu Mundkur and Meghana Gaonkar, is what the film is about.

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