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Class 2 is finally in session! Netflix announces the new season of the hit series

The series went on to become one of the most popular on Netflix.

Last Updated: 01.25 PM, Mar 06, 2023


Netflix has announced that Class has graduated with honours after holding the top spot in India's top 10 rankings for five weeks in a row and making it into the worldwide top 10. Season 2 will only be available on Netflix, and it will feature the return of the class.

The first season of the show looks at the lives of students at Delhi's prestigious Hampton High School and how they interact with three scholarship students who transfer to the school. Everybody is a murder suspect as worlds converge, tensions erupt, and secrets become deeper.

Fans can hear and feel how much you adored Class' first season. They can't wait to step it up and bring back all this and more in Season 2. The show got a lot of love from fans and started a lot of conversations about different social classes, mental health, love, and how people are shown in media.


Earlier, during an exclusive interaction with OTTplay, Moses Koul, who plays Sharan in the series, said, "Wow, the thing is—and I'll be honest with you—there was a point in time where we were sure that the show was not even going to come on air because there were so many delays. We almost thought the show was not going to happen. But Netflix genuinely believed in the show; they have so many shows, but they believed in Class, and they put it out."

The actor added, "I feel like they're really happy with the response. So I'm hoping that, based on the response, we get season two. We've signed on for three seasons now, and whether they get made or not is dependent on how well season one does and what kind of story whoever's writing that has to tell. But I'm really hopeful that there will be a Season 2 because I feel like the fans really want to know what happens next and where the entire story goes. So, season two will undoubtedly happen, God willing. Right now, there has been no information provided to us about it."

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