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Clutch: When and where to watch this web series for gamers

Clutch is about an online gaming tournament and claims to be the first Indian esports web series.

Clutch: When and where to watch this web series for gamers

  • Alfred Francis

Last Updated: 07.29 AM, Nov 02, 2021

Available On:

The gaming world is expanding really fast, especially after the pandemic. So, obviously, the entertainment medium has also been picked up by various filmmakers as a subject of their content. We had Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One about gaming tournaments and Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy last month about the life of Non-Playing Characters (NPC). But what about the life of gamers? Clutch is said to explore the life of gamers rather than the game.

What is Clutch about?

Clutch is about a World Gaming Championship conducted in India. The series focuses on a group of skilled gamers but ‘losers’ in real life. Each of them comes from different quarters of life - an unemployed person looking for a one-time win; a badminton player who tries to prove that gender and profession do not come in the way of her being a gamer; a delivery boy trying to financially support his younger brother; and a kid scorned by his parents and relatives for his love of games.

They all come together under the leadership of a gamer trying to make a comeback after seven years. How would this salad bowl of mixed cultures, professions and ages make it to the final stage of the World Gaming Championship forms the crux of the series. The series upholds the value of loyalty, friendship, courage and tolerance beyond businesslike professionalism. A trailer was released two days ago which was received warmly by fans.

Who are the characters and actors in Clutch?

The characters are named Arun, Adil, Praachi, Raunak and Jeetu. Actors Vishaal Vashistha, Saurabh Ghadge, Pratiek Pachori and Tirth Joisher will be playing pivotal roles as the teammates. The series will be led by Vishal Vashishtha. Commenting on his experience, lead actor Vishal Vashishtha said, “Playing the role of an aspiring character like Arun was a one-of-a-kind experience. With all the hard work of the talented team, on screen and off screen, Clutch is sure to be entertaining and nail-biting and I’m convinced that the audience will love every minute of it.”


When and where to watch Clutch?

The web series is made by Dice Media. It will be available for streaming on their channel on Youtube from October 1. Dice Media, is a premium digital video producer under Pocket Aces, is known for creating Youtube shorts and web series like Firsts, Operation MBBS, Brochara and Little Things.