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Cobra Kai Season 6 filming begins | Google’s the #1 most-searched show available on YouTube

Released in 2018, the comedy-drama Cobra Kai is currently the most-searched show on Google and is available on YouTube and Netflix

Cobra Kai Season 6 filming begins | Google’s the #1 most-searched show available on YouTube

Cobra Kai

Last Updated: 08.40 AM, Feb 06, 2024


Get ready to kick off some nostalgia! Cobra Kai is back in the dojo, with the cast celebrating the official start of production on Season 6, the show's epic finale. This exciting news comes after Netflix announced the renewal last year, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of the karate saga.

Reason for Season 6's pause in 2023

The journey of Cobra Kai has not been without challenges since 2018. Writer Jon Hurwitz had to announce a pause due to the SAG-AFTRA strike last year. Thankfully, the strike is over now, and the creative team is back in full swing. Today Netflix dropped the big news of Cobra Kai’s beginning of the shooting, which features the cast expressing their enthusiasm for reprising their characters and continuing the story.

What does Netflix reveal today?

Excitement and nostalgia are clashing on the set of Cobra Kai's Season 6. Some cast members are calling it a total "banger," hinting at some breathing action and thrilling adventures. Others talked about some bittersweet moments. But one thing they did for sure was assure fans that the finale would be the "biggest and baddest" season ever. To ignite curiosity, Netflix has dropped some glimpses of the actors’ intense martial arts training and teased the potential appearance of new weapons like battle axes and katanas.

What did Season 5 of Cobra Kai show?

After winning the karate tournament, the villain Terry Silver owns all the Cobra Kai dojos. He wants to open even more dojos everywhere. To stop him, Daniel teams up with a new friend, Chozen, to try and beat Silver for good. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to fix the fight between his students, Robby and Miguel so they can be friends again.

The Story of Cobra Kai

Three decades have passed since the legendary All Valley Karate Tournament, and now Johnny Lawrence finds himself washed up and craving a second chance. Ignited by a desire for redemption, he resurrects the notorious Cobra Kai dojo, re-awakening a long-dormant rivalry with the now-successful Daniel LaRusso. Old wounds get ripped open, and a new generation of fighters is dragged into the bygone conflict.

When will Season 6 release?

Today, Netflix revealed that Cobra Kai's 6th and final season just started filming and will wrap up in July. That means fans can expect the epic showdown to hit Netflix by the end of 2024. Mark your calendars! The ultimate battle is coming soon.

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