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Composer RP Patnaik returns as a director with Coffee With a Killer, Anil Ravipudi launches trailer

The film is a thriller comedy that connects a group of film enthusiasts to a killer at a coffee shop

Composer RP Patnaik returns as a director with Coffee With a Killer, Anil Ravipudi launches trailer
At the trailer launch of Coffee with a Killer
  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

Last Updated: 01.04 PM, Sep 28, 2022


RP Patnaik is a man of many talents. Not only is he an established singer and a composer, he has also proved his credibility as an actor and a filmmaker over the years. After the award-winning film Broker and the critically acclaimed Manalo Okadu, he has wielded the megaphone again for a film titled Coffee with a Killer. The film starring Ravi Prakash, Satyam Rajesh, Srinivas Reddy, Banerjee, Ravi Babu and others is slated to release soon. F3 director Anil Ravipudi launched its trailer earlier this week.

In the trailer that unfolds amidst a coffee shop, there are aspirant directors, actors, producers, financiers - all of them mad about cinema and keen to fulfil their aims. On the other end is a rugged, ruthless criminal who kills people as instructed by his influential 'clients'. What connects this shady killer to a film-crazy bunch? The trailer, while trying to capture the realities of the film industry, also explores the pschology of criminals.

"After the OTT boom, the way audiences look at theatrical releases have changed. It's important to tell something new and entertain them. I made Coffee with a Killer with similar intent. Seven Hills Satish helped me accomplish my aim by producing this film and we'll also collaborate on two other projects in the near future. There was a lot of team work that went behind this. It wasn't easy at all. There's another surprise for audiences, we'll reserve that for the pre-release event," RP Patnaik shared.

Anil Ravipudi expressed his happiness about launching the trailer of the RP Patnaik directorial. "These are times when content is the true hero and Coffee with a Killer looks like a promising film. It's surprising to know that a lot can unfold in a coffee shop. RP Patnaik is the true hero of the film apart from the story. He has proved himself across various crafts. I grew up listening to his songs in my teenage years. I wish him the best for the film," he added.

Raghu Kunche, Gemini Suresh, Benarjee, Ravi Prakash, Gautam Patnaik, Anush, Tirumal Nag, Krishna Reddy and producer Abhishek Agarwal also graced the event. Raghu Babu, Temper Vamsi and others too play important roles in the film. Written and directed by RP Patnaik, Coffee with a Killer has dialogues by Tirumal Nag. Gautam Patnaik has served as the creative head for the project produced by Seven Hills Satish.