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Copshop ending explained - Here's what happens in the end of Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo starrer

Copshop is now available to stream on Lionsgate Play in India.

Copshop ending explained - Here's what happens in the end of Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo starrer
Copshop Ending Explained

Last Updated: 07.32 PM, May 30, 2024


Gerard Butler and his universe of films, where he casually takes on the world for something that matters to him, is a beloved space for many of us. His action-packed movies are highly anticipated, and even if the plot is weak, Butler's performance makes the experience worthwhile. Lionsgate Play evidently appreciates the star, as he has the most movies on the platform. Recently, the streamer added another Butler film, Copshop, which has captivated his fans, especially the climax. Let's decode it today.

About Copshop

Copshop, meaning local police station, stars Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo in leading roles. Frank Grillo's character, Teddy, gets himself arrested at the Gun Creek City police station by punching police officer Valerie Young. Valerie realises that Teddy has gotten himself arrested intentionally when she notices he has been shot. Soon enough, Robert 'Bob' Viddick, a contract killer played by Gerard Butler, also gets himself arrested and ends up in the same jail. It is soon revealed that Bob has come there to kill Teddy. The drama begins as Bob does everything he can to kill Teddy, while Valerie tries to protect him.


Copshop Ending Explained

Despite Bob's efforts to kill Teddy, he remains safe. Deena informs the mob boss that rookie officer Valerie is digging up too much information. A ruthless hitman named Anthony arrives at the police station, turning it into a battlefield. He kills everyone except Valerie and Hubber. Valerie locks herself in a cell with Teddy and Bob as Hubber teams up with Anthony to hunt down Teddy. Valerie is injured, having been shot, but Bob turns the game around by revealing to Teddy that Anthony is the one who killed his wife and child.

Fueled by rage and a desire for revenge, Teddy opens fire on Anthony. Bob convinces Valerie that Teddy is a selfish con artist who will not come back to save her. Valerie ends up giving the keys to Bob, who then shoots Hubber, leading to a showdown. Teddy tries to kill Bob and he successfully kills Anthony. Teddy starts a fire in the copshop and heads to the kitchen, where he finds Valerie wearing a bulletproof vest. She confronts him and shoots him in the arm. Before she can fire another bullet, Deena shoots her down. Bob survives the fire, saves Valerie, and kills Teddy as part of his assignment.

While Valerie is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance by Bob, she listens to the radio and learns about Bob's true identity. She takes control of the vehicle to arrest him. The movie is now streaming on Lionsgate Play and can be accessed with your OTTplay Premium subscription. 

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