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Corporate’s part one gets dropped on ULLU app; netizens fall in love with the show!

The first part of Corporate gets dropped on ULLU app, which is getting lots of love from the netizens

Corporate’s part one gets dropped on ULLU app; netizens fall in love with the show!
First episode of Corporate on ULLU app

Last Updated: 01.48 PM, Apr 27, 2024


The trailer starts off with an extremely good-looking corporate executive walking inside the office. No sooner does she glances upon Dhirendra, who has been waiting to see Mukesh sir. She tells him to meet Mukesh sir directly and that way, by talking to him, he can solve a lot of other things as well.


Dhirendra affirms decision of meeting Mukesh sir!

Hearing that, Dhirendra affirms her statement of meeting Mukesh sir himself. He reasons his statement by saying that she actually suggested the right thing by telling him to meet Mukesh sir, as he is the one who decides upon everything (in the office). He also adds that, while it is Mukesh sir who decides upon everything, Siddharth is a CEO, but, only for namesake!

'CEO Sidharth' arrivces in office and....

On the other hand, within a few minutes of this conversation between Dhirendra and the secretary, there arrives the ‘CEO Siddharth’ in his gleaming new vehicle, outside his palatial office! Seeing Sidharth in the office suddenly, Dhirendra looks visibly shocked as he was not expecting to meet him at all!

Not the one to take any chance, Dhirendra asks the secretary whether the person just entered was indeed Sidharth or not! To this, the secretary confirms that it is indeed Sidharth. At the same time, she is equally perplexed seeing him in the office at this time.

That’s when Dhirendra decides to move out of the office, in order to avoid any kind of confrontation or fight (with Sidharth). Seeing Sidharth, Dhirendra tells the secretary that he will be leaving as he does not want to create any problems. Saying that, he tries to step out!

The moment he tries to move out of the office, Sidharth catches him by his collar and tells him to stop and starts abusing him… in front of the secretary. And when Dhirendra asks him the reason for the abuse, Sidharth tells him that it was him who had leaked the vital details of the project (which he is leading) to their competitors.

Saying that, just as when he is about to slap Dhirendra, there arrives Mukesh sir, who tells his son Sidharth that, as per company policy, he cannot hit anyone or sack anyone till the time the opposite person is proved guilty. And when Sidharth tries to show a photo as a proof, Dhirendra tells Mukesh sir that the competitor also happens to be his brother-in-law!

Hearing all this, Mukesh sir tells Sidharth to publicly apologise to Dhirendra! Does Dhirendra get an apology from the egoistic Sidharth is what forms the rest of the interesting episode of Corporate, which is being streamed on ULLU app! After the first part got dropped by the makers, there were many netizens who took to the comments section to express their love for the show, the actors and the concept of the show!

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