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Crazy Star Ravichandran says A-list heroes doing 2-3 films a year is not feasible

Veteran actor Ravichandran, whose latest film The Judgement is currently in theatres, does not think that heroes doing multiple films is the solution to the problem in the Kannada film industry

Crazy Star Ravichandran says A-list heroes doing 2-3 films a year is not feasible
V Ravichandran plays a prosecutor in The Judgement

Last Updated: 06.38 PM, May 25, 2024


Every now and then, when there are discussions about Kannada films failing at the box office and that audiences are not going to theatres, the commonly heard solution is that A-list heroes ought to do more films. At a time when single-screen theatres are fast disappearing, hero-driven films are the only solution, reckon people. Crazy Star Ravichandran, though, does not agree.


Speaking during the promotions of his latest release, The Judgement, Ravichandran said that insisting that heroes like Yash, Darshan, etc., do multiple films a year is not right. “Tomorrow if they start doing 3 films a year, in a couple of years, audiences will send them packing. These are actors who have a certain brand value that they need to maintain,” he said.

Ravichandran added, “Cinema can never be forced on anyone. It is their choice how many films they want to do and when. For instance, after KGF, what film should Yash do? What are your expectations? They have to live up to a certain image, brand, etc. They can’t do 3 films a year because they have to first find the right stories to work on. It’s not just about money for stars like them.”

Meanwhile, in The Judgement, Ravichandran plays a hot-shot lawyer who gets someone imprisoned, only to then realize that he was innocent. What he then does to secure the innocent man’s freedom forms the crux of the film. Ravichandran is joined by Lakshmi Gopalswamy, Meghana Gaonkar, Dhanya Ramkumar and Diganth, among others, in the film. The veteran actor is also set to return to the director’s chair with Premaloka 2, in which he will be joined by both his sons, Manu and Vikram. The Premaloka sequel will go on floors on May 30, on the veteran actor-filmmaker’s birthday.

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