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Dagaabaazaa singer Shahid Mallya: The way people break up now has changed thanks to social media

The singer, who has released his new breakup song, got candid about the changing nature of relationships in the age of social media

Dagaabaazaa singer Shahid Mallya: The way people break up now has changed thanks to social media
Shahid Mallya

Last Updated: 09.55 PM, May 19, 2023


Singer Shahid Mallya has released his new song, Dagaabaazaa. He says that even though the lyrics of the song are about heartbreak, the composition will make everyone groove to the number.

The song is composed by Manish Sinha, with lyrics by Ashoke Punjabi. Karishma Sharma and Deane Sequiria feature in the music video for the song.

Telling us more about the song, Shahid told OTTplay, "Dagaabaazaa is one of those sad songs that people can dance to, because these days, people are having breakup parties as well. The definition of breakup has changed, and I think it is mostly thanks to social media. Earlier, falling in love, expressing it, and even breaking up used to take time. These days, people say 'I love you' and 'I can't live with you' in almost no time because it does not take much to add or block someone on social media."

The singer is known for soulful renditions like Shauq, Rubaiyaan, and Nirvau Nirvir. Asked about how he channels his emotions while singing a song, the singer said, "As an artist, I am constantly observing people and their emotions. When I was younger, I would be told during recording sessions to 'bring more emotion and add more passion'. I would wonder why I was not getting the depth of the emotion right. But after my first heartbreak, I realised what it all meant; the real emotions somehow stem from there."

Hearing this, one would assume that Shahid is someone who believes that art comes from pain. So, does he celebrate the power of heartbreak through his music?

Shahid said, "Well, I did not break anyone's heart; someone broke my heart, and I must say that everyone should go through a heartbreak, as a different level of emotion gets added from that. I think somewhere we also get connected to our creator and develop a spiritual connection. All of this definitely translates to my singing or any art form."

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