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Damsel sequel in the works? Director hints at possibilities of Millie Bobby Brown's dark fantasy continuation, despite mixed critical reception

Damsel director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo envisions a sequel while emphasising the significance of audience reception.

Damsel sequel in the works? Director hints at possibilities of Millie Bobby Brown's dark fantasy continuation, despite mixed critical reception
Millie Bobby Brown in a still from Damsel

Last Updated: 04.35 PM, Mar 09, 2024


The director of Damsel, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, offers an optimistic update regarding the possibility of a sequel. Following her work with Netflix on Stranger Things and the Enola Holmes film series, Millie Bobby Brown's latest collaboration with the streamer is this movie. Brown portrays Princess Elodie, a young woman who accepts a marriage proposal from the Aurea royal family to elevate her family's and her village's social status. Dragons populate the cave where Elodie fights for her life, while her family harbours darker intentions.

Exploring Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's views on Damsel's potential sequel

Fresnadillo discussed the potential for a Damsel sequel during an appearance on the Inside Total Film podcast. According to Fresnadillo, the response of the audience is the main factor in determining the likelihood of a sequel. But he does say that he would be "so happy" to return for a sequel. He subtly hinted that the Damsel universe could expand, keeping the ending twist in mind.


Fresnadillo stated that a sequel to Damsel would make him very happy. But, of course, they must wait to see the audience's reactions and thoughts regarding the film. It's true that Damsel's universe is incredibly expansive. This is particularly true in light of the altered family dynamic. They won't spoil anything, but the plot introduces a new character who makes one want to imagine further adventures with them. He will be overjoyed to succeed, without a doubt, if that materialises.

Consideration of critical reception and audience engagement

Since Damsel has just recently made its Netflix debut, it is premature to say whether or not a sequel will truly occur. Review scores and box office receipts will play a significant role in determining the fate of another film. Because they are highly mixed, it is impossible to predict the influence of the early critical assessments that are available at this time. 

Damsel may be able to attract viewers instead of turning them off if it can keep at least mixed-to-favourable reviews. Streamers also place a lot of importance on viewing, so critical reviews aren't the deciding factor in a film's greenlight. Despite cancelling critically praised episodes due to inadequate viewership, streamers greenlit sequels to films like Murder Mystery despite their mixed or negative reception. The fact that Damsel will attract respectable audiences thanks to Brown's star power is encouraging news for the film's box office prospects, regardless of reviews.

Teasing unfinished business and story possibilities

The director is excited to continue developing the universe, and the film has great audience potential. Moreover, there is unfinished business at the end of Damsel. A new royal configuration, revealed at the story's conclusion, offers a wealth of intriguing options for subsequent instalments. A possible sequel is still in the works, but viewers will have to wait to see how Damsel does with critics and spectators.

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