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Damsel star Millie Bobby Brown on how meeting cancer patients for Stranger Things 'grounded' her

Actress Millie Bobby Brown is set to feature next in Juan Carlos Fresnadillo-directed film Damsel

Damsel star Millie Bobby Brown on how meeting cancer patients for Stranger Things 'grounded' her

Last Updated: 01.00 PM, Mar 06, 2024


Actress Millie Bobby Brown is currently awaiting the release of her thriller drama film, titled Damsel, on Netflix. The actress gained international fame with the release of her debut series, Stranger Things, in which Millie plays the central role of Eleven. In a recent interview with Vogue, Millie spoke about the ‘meaningful experiences’ she had with cancer patients while shooting for Stranger Things and how these interactions grounded her.

Impact of Stranger Things

During the interview with Vogue ahead of the special premiere of her film Damsel, the actress spoke about the impact Stranger Things had on her life.

Stating that Stranger Things brought her very meaningful experiences, Millie said, “I had many experiences with cancer patients specifically because of the shaving of my head and it meant a lot to people. It was very humbling and grounding to get that at 12 years old, to meet people like that.”

“When Stranger Things came out, I was doing a lot of things and in between I got those moments of real life and meeting people that were really going through hardships and that really helped me,” she added.

The Netflix series revolves around the fictional town of Hawkins that gets plagued by an experiment that opens a gateway between Earth and Upside Down (a new dimension). Millie plays Eleven, who escapes from the laboratory.

How did she meet her best friend?

During the interview, Millie also revealed that she met her best friend Gia because of Stranger Things. Millie revealed that Gia’s younger sister Olivia was a huge fan of Stranger Things and the series really resonated with her because Eleven (Millie’s character) had a shaved head and Olivia was going through chemotherapy for leukemia and she later passed away. Millie and Gia eventually became best friends.

Upcoming project

Millie will be seen next in Damsel, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, that will release on Netflix on March 8. The film delves deep into the life of a young woman who gets married to a charming prince, only to realise that she has become part of an age-old tradition where women are being sacrificed to the dragon.

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