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'Darshan deserves a serious action movie' - Netizens come down hard on new Kaatera single 'Yava Janumada Gelathi'

The makers of 'Kaatera' dropped a new single named Yava Janumada Gelathi earlier today to slightly polarizing views.

'Darshan deserves a serious action movie' - Netizens come down hard on new Kaatera single 'Yava Janumada Gelathi'
Darshan in 'Kaatera'

Last Updated: 04.02 PM, Dec 11, 2023


The second single from 'Kaatera' has caught the attention of all the DBoss fans but in the same vein, the new song has been attracting interesting reactions from them. 

These reactions could best be termed as polarizing as one chunk of them is all praise for the romantic number, its visuals, the tune, etc., while the rest have strongly opined that a song of this nature should not belong to a serious film.

"I guess, no director has given a mass break through to @dasadarshan in recent times. Script, director need to pull up the sock. Give a story, direction and stay away from hero heroine dance. @dasadarsha deserves a good script and serious action movie," said one user on X (formerly Twitter), while reacting to the release of the second single Yava Janumada Gelathi.

The new single comes as a simple romantic number featuring the two leads of the film, but many film aficionados are now of the view that the song would threaten to break the flow of the narrative. In the same vein, a few have commented that since 'Kaatera' is based on real-life incidents and deals with a compelling subject, there's very little room for these kinds of distractions.


What's also interesting to note is that many fans and Kannada movie buffs regard 'Kaatera' to be a worthwhile effort and that it could be that sensible "mass" film that they have seeking for some time now. Alongside, Tharun Kishore Sudhir is cited to be a filmmaker who knows how to extract a solid performance from Darshan, while also catering to the 'Challenging Star' in him. So, in this vein, a breakaway romantic number might not be the order of the day for the modern-day Kannada cinema patron. 

That said, the slightly old-school vibe of the track has charmed several on the internet many of them have also expressed their love for the new song. 

'Kaatera' will release in theatres on December 29 and one hopes that the film isn't impacted significantly by the competition offered by Dunki and Salaar. The latter two are set to release a week prior but given that they both boast the potential of running for extended periods at the box office, team 'Kaatera' would be a little wary of the threat they pose.

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