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Darshan fans claim Hollywood media reported on his tattoo; netizens say it is fake

Netizens have been trying to verify the authenticity of the video, but have not found it on the media house's official pages yet

Darshan fans claim Hollywood media reported on his tattoo; netizens say it is fake
Darshan got 'Nanna Celebrities' tattooed on his chest as a sign of love of respect to his fans

Last Updated: 04.22 PM, Feb 21, 2023


There is a video on social media that fans of Challenging Star Darshan claim to be a report featured on The Hollywood Reporter about the superstar’s new tattoo. Darshan fans are taking immense pride in the fact that a reputed Hollywood entertainment portal has shown interest in the Kannada superstar. The video that is being shared does not have an original source, though, so netizens have been questioning its veracity and wondering if Darshan fans are peddling edited visuals.

The report quotes Sonia from The Hollywood Reporter speaking about Darshan’s latest tattoo, which is in celebration of his fans and reads, “Nanna Celebrities” in Kannada. What is being pointed out, however, is that the audio is not in sync with the video and what is being said is also not in tandem with the lip movements. The question then is, are Darshan fans circulating a fake video on social media?

The Twitter handle @DBossTrends shared the video which seems doctored, with a post that read, “America’s famous digital and print media #TheHollywoodReporter made a news on DBoss Tattoo. Tight slap on the face of Kannada news channels.” The post was in reference to the fact that local TV channels have banned the Challenging Star, following a viral audio clip of his in which he went on a tirade against the media.

However, as soon as the clip began to be circulated, netizens and rival fan groups began asking for the original link to The Hollywood Reporter clip. Some came back and reported that they could not find this story on the official YouTube page of The Hollywood Reporter, while others began poking fun at Darshan fans for sharing a video that was not even neatly edited. A few asked for the video to be taken down, citing that the media house had reason to take legal action against them.

So, did The Hollywood Reporter really give Darshan a global audience, or is this a case of a bad fake going viral?

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