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Dear Ishq episode 26 review: Sehban Azim-Niyati Fatnani's show gets dumb, dumber, dumbest

Dear Ishq is on a spree to make records with the likes of Naagin and Sasural Simar Ka.

Dear Ishq episode 26 review: Sehban Azim-Niyati Fatnani's show gets dumb, dumber, dumbest
Dear Ishq.

Last Updated: 08.47 PM, Feb 24, 2023



Abhimanyu and Asmita finally work together. What will their process be like?


Dear Ishq once again commences with a shot of Abhimanyu Razdan’s nameplate before introducing him. This is a new ninja technique the makers have started using after random shots of Mumbai.

Sehban Azim’s Abhimanyu Razdan is here at the beginning. Niyati Fatnani in the role of Asmita Roy is seen soon after but they have nothing new to offer.

Beena Banerjee and Jyoti Mukherji share a fun bond as Asmita’s grandmom-mom, just like always. The scenes shot, however, aren’t as much fun.

There’s a random club scene, which is evident from shots of, you guessed it, drinks and bartenders. Drumrolls please, we meet Sugandh Dhindaw as Bani and Kunal Verma’s Rizwan Khan once again. And of course, since Rizwan already had a zoom in shot the last time, thrice, why should this time be any different? So here we are, with a new way of making scenes disgusting to watch. Yayy! Both the actors are made to underact and then, overact.

Bani and Rizwan get a romantic scene and it’s dumb all over again, especially because it is established that Rizwan is gay and in love with his assistant. Vikas Grover as his lover Anirban has no good shots in this scene.

Random shots of Mumbai, which by now you have to accept is a standard way of Dear Ishq makers trying to change the scene, is back. This time, it is before Kishwer Merchant enters the scene as Maya. Of course, with her, even Puneet Tejwani has to make an entry as Peter. There’s a secret revealed during their fights. Of course, Peter is the male alpha, just like Abhimanyu but worse.

Sandeep Soni is back as Nannu and so is Sanjeev Seth in the role of Abhimanyu’s father (also Asmita’s idol). They both are in their character to the T.

The father-son confrontation is back. It is, of course, like always. The same can be said for Abhimanyu-Asmita’s bond. The fire-and-ice combo is where the episode comes to an end.


Ever watched an episode and found it dumb? Then you move on with the hopes of finding something better and the episodes keep getting dumber? Well, hello and welcome, to the world of Dear Ishq. Here, you will make some choices that you regret, if you think about visiting the next episode. This is especially true for the last three episodes. The show has gone from dumb to dumber and probably will end up being the dumbest, if it can break the standards set by Indian TV (we see you, Naagin and Sasural Simar Ka).

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