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Dear Ishq episode 28 review: Sehban Azim-Niyati Fatnani's show gives you goals and then makes you cringe

The makers have finally come to the ishq part but it’s not without their trademark style.

Dear Ishq episode 28 review: Sehban Azim-Niyati Fatnani's show gives you goals and then makes you cringe
Dear Ishq.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 05.02 PM, Mar 02, 2023

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Abhimanyu forces Asmita to stay back to complete her assignment. The two end up having a romantic date – their first one – only to go back to their own homes.


In the latest episode of Dear Ishq, Niyati Fatnani’s Asmita Roy says that she has an overdoze of emotions and she has become a zombie. The irony here is we can feel none of those emotions with this episode and we still feel like a zombie!

Dear Ishq is back! We say this because like it has become standard with this show, it commences with random shots of Mumbai and switches to the “IT couple.” Welcome back to the world of this show!

Sehban Azim’s Abhimanyu Razdan and Niyati Fatnani in the role of Asmita Roy are there for you from the first frame. They are their usual selves. While he is prude, she is confused. As if we didn’t get that from episode 1.

The music most definitely doesn’t help the scenes. It’s not like they’re doing fab jobs as actors but this makes it worse.

Abhimanyu explaining love comes as a surprise and would’ve definitely been the highlight of the episode, had the makers not added more random shots of Mumbai. Seriously, why!

Kishwer Merchant as Maya and Puneet Tejwani as Peter are back. This is after he got a scolding from Abhimanyu. The two create a tense and uneasy moment with their expressions, proving they are doing a better job than the lead actors. Had we mentioned that Peter is just like Abhimanyu but worse? Yeah, he proves that again through the scene.

Beena Banerjee and Jyoti Mukherji as Asmita’s grandmom-mom are seen in a cameo role. Buneet Kapoor is back as Shauvik but again, in a cameo, on a call.

Abhimanyu and Asmita have their first date and it is as romantic as can get. You see him smile for the first time too and her eyes almost feel like she fell in love with him. This is the moment before they go back to being their selves.

Their difference of view when it comes to ishq (passionate love) is what makes them who they are. The moment is definitely one-of-a-kind, one which is not seen in Dear Ishq so far.

After giving some great content, how can the makers not go back to being themselves? So here we are, meeting Abhimanyu once again – wait for it – through his nameplate.

Sandeep Soni is back as Nannu and he’s hilarious as always. However, only to an extent.

Your expression to Abhimanyu-Asmita’s fictional romance is exactly like Asmita when she was first told to edit a romantic novel. It is fake, dumb and not-as-heroic as the makers thought it would be.

A new character is here. She changes the narrative, at least slightly. This leaves you with some hopes about the show.


This episode of Dear Ishq has extremes. It is extremely romantic and sometimes to the extent that it turns cringey. You want to watch this episode but only in parts.