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Dear Ishq episode 34 review: Sehban Azim-Niyati Fatnani's show is on a downfall again

Dear Ishq went great and then, went back to its old ways.

Dear Ishq episode 34 review: Sehban Azim-Niyati Fatnani's show is on a downfall again
Dear Ishq.

Last Updated: 10.41 PM, Mar 06, 2023



Asmita and Abhimanyu’s fight continues as she doesn’t spill details to him as the editor to his book.


Dear Ishq makers are in an experimental mood. They introduce you to promos of the upcoming episode, in one episode and then, skip the same in the very next episode. Welcome to Dear Ishq.

Niyati Fatnani’s Asmita Roy is seen in the similar expression as last time. Nothing special can be said for Sehban Azim’s Abhimanyu Razdan either. The music, of course, is of no help here.

Puneet Tejwani’s Peter is just seen in a glimpse at the start of the episode. However, there’s a lot more revealed later on.

It is a surprise that everytime Asmita is up to something with Abhimanyu, Tanya Sharma’s Shalini comes in the picture. The scene is very dumbly written because who leaves their laptop open after an incident and at the exact moment, without being suspicious?

Kishwer Merchant’s performance as Maya is great as always. The music helps with her scene but only to an extent.

Asmita and Abhimanyu’s romantic scene works well. For the first time, despite being imaginary, it is not creepy, not even borderline.

It is back! The glimpses of Mumbai are back, just when the series was doing well. Bravo! Oh, the music is back too. Yayy!

Beena Banerjee as Asmita’s grandmom is adorable as always. She has a brief role but it works well.

Sugandh Dhindaw’s Bani is boring as always. Sanjeev Seth’s Raman aka Abhimanyu’s father also has very little to perform this time and he’s just the same.

Kunal Verma’s Rizwan Khan has a smashing entry but that’s all about it. His acting is but overacting.

The makers subtly match Abhimanyu and Asmita but she thinks that he didn’t wear the clothes of her choice? Interesting.

The childish games between the two don’t stop. When you talk about childish games, take your pick between Asmita-Abhimanyu and Rizwan-Bani.


Dear Ishq’s episode 34 started off great. However, the makers are ‘aadat se majboor.’ So they got back to their old ways and here we are, debating whether the episode is even worth a watch.

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