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Deepak Tijori, Salman Khan were neck-and-neck for the character of Prem in Maine Pyaar Kiya

Tipppsy, directed by Deepak Tijori, is planned for release in September of this year.

  • Kanishka Dogra

Last Updated: 08.00 AM, Jun 12, 2022

Deepak Tijori, Salman Khan were neck-and-neck for the character of Prem in Maine Pyaar Kiya

Deepak Tijori is a Bollywood actor who first appeared in the 1990 film Aashiqui. He was all set to make his debut in Maine Pyar Kiya. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, the actor director spoke about the incident. As per the actor, he and Salman Khan auditioned for the character of Prem in the 1989 film.

They both were having to compete for the role. "They even informed me that if they choose me, they'd like to alter my name on the screen and talk about how they'd like to launch me," the actor said.

Deepak then discussed his most recent film, Tipppsy. While speaking about his experience for his next film,"Tipppsy has been a great, satisfying journey. I was kind of threatened by every person I spoke to. They told me that it is suicidal to have cast 5 heroines together (laughs)! I was told that there’ll be a lot of catfights, bitching, etc. However, the shoot went off so smoothly," stated the actor.

Deepak went on to describe how well the film's actresses got along and had incredible chemistry on set. The filmmaker is presently editing and anticipates a September release this year.

“Tipppsy is looking exactly the way I wanted," he said as the filmmaker continued to discuss his film."For two years, the film got stuck. We were supposed to fly to London, but it didn’t happen.”

The filmmaker also addressed his 2003 film Oops. “My debut directorial Oops also has an English version which was never released. I have restored it. I saw the film a week ago to check the print."

The filmmaker hopes that the English version of the film will be released since he feels it is "ahead of its time." He is glad that the film is still significant, and he wishes that fans will see this version soon.

Deepak also explained why the Hindi version of Oops isn't available anywhere on the OTT platform. "Whoever has the rights will be able to answer this question," he said, explaining how he had given the Hindi version since he was experiencing financial issues.

Deepak was also questioned about Aashiqui 3 because the film has been making waves in the business. According to the filmmaker, he is unable to answer the topic about who should perform as lead in the picture. Deepak further mentions that Mahesh Bhatt does not require a famous name for his film, and that if he spots a random person who would actually look good in the movie, Bhatt will urge him to come and shoot for him.

He concluded his interview by expressing an enthusiasm to collaborate with Vishesh Films since Muhesh has guided him. He is confident that the day will come.