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Deliver Me OTT release date – Watch the thrilling Swedish drama on a society failing to protect its youngest on THIS platform

Deliver Me OTT release date – The legal thriller explores the circumstances under which two 14-year-old besties turn upon one another, leading to death, chaos, & disintegration of the social system.

Deliver Me OTT release date – Watch the thrilling Swedish drama on a society failing to protect its youngest on THIS platform
First look at Deliver Me ahead of its OTT release this summer

Last Updated: 09.53 AM, Mar 23, 2024


Deliver Me (or I Din Händer) is an upcoming Swedish drama miniseries based on a popular novel by Malin Persson Giolito with the same name. Frida Asp and Fatima Varhose, the Quicksand producers come together once again for these taut limited series, with author Giolito making her screenwriting debut in it. Giolito worked alongside head writer Alex Haridi, episode writer Amanda Högberg, and director Anna Zackrisson to serve the series this summer on OTT.

Deliver Me release date and trailer


Deliver Me is a suspense drama that will be available for streaming on Netflix, April 24, 2024. The show has also released a trailer which offers an edge-grabbing urge to try and help these two childhood best friends who have become embroiled in something larger and deadlier than themselves, when the system and society fails them. A socio-political commentary, the story follows besties Bilal ‘Billy’ Ali and Douglas ‘Dogge’ Arnfeldt.

Name of Series Deliver Me
Director Anna Zackrisson
Genre Legal Thriller Drama
Release Date April 24, 2024
OTT Partner Netflix

Deliver Me plot

The show’s setting is equally haunting and chill-inducing. As snow falls over a desolate playground, where once innocence reigned supreme. Now, all that remains is a fourteen-year-old lying in a pool of blood, as his life seeps out of him from the gaping wound on his head. As for the kid’s best friend, he stands behind with the warm gun held in his trembling hand. But why did he do it?

When Billy is hurt badly and perhaps on his deathbed, thanks to Dogge, both set of parents come rushing to the hospital, unable to comprehend the crime. Even the police are flabbergasted, how do they punish 14-year-old Douglas, when they, as a society, have failed both. The two also ran local errands for a small-time gangster named Mehdi Bah, for reasons ranging from negligence, poverty, to social and cultural alienation.

Whose responsibility is it when a child commits a horrible crime? How does one protect them in a world where there are more cracks in the foundation of society than solid ground, with many falling through the gaps to impenetrable depths of despair and crime? Such important questions are answered in an intriguing manner, with the series highlighting the effect such crimes have on society as a whole, causing a ripple that affects all, from single mothers to local grocers.

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