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Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc episode 8, finale – Tanjiro and all the Hashira unite for their final battle with Muzan

Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc finale episode will be out in a few hours, are you ready for Tanjiro vs Muzan?

Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc episode 8, finale – Tanjiro and all the Hashira unite for their final battle with Muzan
Demon Slayer.

Last Updated: 08.15 PM, Jun 30, 2024


Demon Slayer season 4, Hashira Training Arc, will finally come to an end in a few hours. All the moments have led to one moment – the battle between the Hashira and Demon God, Muzan Kibusuji. Tanjiro Kamado, who has been training hard to protect his sister Nezuko, completed most of his training and is now ready to take on the ultimate demon, who waltzed into the Ubuyashiki residence in the previous episode (just how easily he walked in like he owned the place, and challenged Ubuyashiki). Here’s everything to expect from the finale…

Ubuyashiki vs Muzan already

Kagaya Ubuyashiki, despite his critical condition, is not the one to sit back and watch things unfold. He would try everything and might give up only when Muzan makes him (by killing Ubuyashiki in his home, a death which he is anyway awaiting). Muzan has already challenged Ubuyashiki by walking into his residence, in the midst of all the Hashiras training a mile away. In the previous episode, Ubuyashiki and Muzan showed each other respect, as the former asked for the Hashira gathering upon realizing the Demon is finally there.

The big surprise was actually not even a surprise for Kagaya. He, like his wife Amane, was expecting Muzan to enter the premises at any given time. This means that some plan is definitely in action.

Muzan likely to figure where Nezuko is in hiding, through Kagaya

Muzan’s eyes are set on a physically weak Kagaya. The demon has only one motive, to find Nezuko and devour her in order to become immortal. If he wants to do that, the only way Muzan sees is through Kagaya, at least at this point. Upper Four Demon Nakime aka the Bawi girl located Kagaya but was unable to locate Nezuko so far. When Muzan and Nakime were re-introduced to the series, he was restless to find Nezuko. Thus, he too would have a way in mind to finally find his way to immortality.

Demon Slayer.
Demon Slayer.

The final battle

The big final battle will take place in this episode. The Hashira will gather, and of course, Tanjiro will too. Zenitsu and Inosuke are also expected to be there. They all would fight the battle against Muzan at long last. It would most definitely not be an easy one though, since all in Upper Moon are out to protect the Demon.

Demon Slayer.
Demon Slayer.

We might also get to finally see Lady Tamayo and Butterfly Hashira (in the medicine department) Shinobu Kocho together. The two were going to team up to create a poison that weakens, if not kills Muzan. Apart from that, we might also learn the story of how Shinobu’s sister Flower Hashira Kanae Kocho died while fighting a demon. This demon was none other than Upper Rank 2, Doma.

When and where to watch Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc

Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc is available on both Netflix and Jio Cinema in India (and Crunchyroll for anime lovers across the globe). The episodes are out on the platforms at 11.15 pm on Sundays.

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