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Devaki Nandana Vasudeva - All you need to know about Ashok Galla, Manasa Varanasi’s action drama

The film, written by Prasanth Varma, is directed by Arjun Jandyala

Devaki Nandana Vasudeva - All you need to know about Ashok Galla, Manasa Varanasi’s action drama
At the teaser launch

Last Updated: 06.47 PM, Jan 10, 2024


After making his acting debut with a slick action comedy Hero, Ashok Galla is back with an action drama. His second film is titled Devaki Nandana Vasudeva, in which he’s paired opposite Manasa Varanasi. Devdatta Nage plays the antagonist in the drama that also features Devayani, Jhansi and others. With story by Prasanth Varma, the film has screenplay and direction by Arjun Jandyala.


At the teaser launch today, Ashok Galla stated that he’s been anxious if audiences would like to watch him in a massy role in only his second film. However, the response for the glimpse has reportedly humbled him. He was pleasantly surprised when Prasanth Varma came up with a masala script like Devaki Nandana Vasudeva and credited director Arjun Jandyala for developing it well.

Ashok Galla shared that the film has one of the most challenging roles for the heroine and said Devdatta ensured a cordial atmosphere on sets. Manasa Varanasi, in her first film promotional event, experienced mixed emotions and admitted the filmmaking process was fun and a learning curve. She thanked Ashok, Jhansi, Devayani for making her job easier.

“All I did was to surrender to the director like a student, I hope I did justice,” Manasa remarked, extending her gratitude to cinematographer Prasad Murella as well. Meanwhile, the director Arjun Jandyala thanked Prasanth Varma for trusting him with the script and giving him a freehand with the creative decisions. Burra Sai Madhav’s dialogues will be powerful and the script is refreshing, he stated.

The cast, crew unanimously expressed their praise for Bheems Ceciroleo, sharing that he has delivered a hit album. “Devaki Nandana Vasudeva is a classy title for a mass film, it’s one of my most entertaining scripts to date. Ashok proved me wrong with the bias I had against actors who studied abroad and handled a massy role with ease. A good actor who can essay any role,” Prasanth Varma mentioned.

“I worked on the script for two years and it’s a straightforward film where audiences needn’t make an effort to think. Manasa has a more crucial role than Ashok and lived upto her promise. I thought I couldn’t afford a writer like Sai Madhav Burra for my films, the film helped me fulfil that desire. The project became bigger with the arrival of Devdatta Nage,” the writer-director added.

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