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Devil’s second trailer gets dropped on ULLU app

Makers of the intriguing series Devil drop its second trailer on ULLU app

Devil’s second trailer gets dropped on ULLU app
Devil trailer on ULLU app

Last Updated: 04.30 PM, Apr 25, 2024


The trailer starts off with the husband wife duo of Raj and his wife sharing a cosy moment together. This only goes on to show that, besides being comfortable in each other’s arms, they are equally comfortable in each other’s company! But, as they say ‘Just like every cloud has a silver lining’, likewise, ‘very love story has a dark side in the form of a villain’.


Guess who is the villain of this love story!

And the villain in the love story of the good-looking Raj and his beautiful wife is none other than the former’s brother. Even though Raj happens to be his elder brother, still, his younger brother sets his evil eyes on the stunning beauty of his beautiful wife. Totally innocent and unaware of his younger brother’s vicious intentions towards his lovely wife, one fine day, Raj goes to his younger brother and speaks his heart out.

Raj tells his brother something that he regrets later!

Whilst talking to his younger brother, Raj tells (read ‘confesses’) that his wife seems to be still angry with him and that is exactly the reason why, he requests his younger brother to go and pacify her and convince her in his favour. That’s when, Raj’s younger brother tells him that, since he is not married, he would not know how to convince and pacify a wife who is angry with her husband.

Hearing that, Raj, very innocently, tells his brother that it did not matter whether he is married or not, as he must have had a similar experience convincing his girlfriend. That’s when, Raj’s brother agrees and lands up touching his bhabhi (Raj’s wife) inappropriately. Sensing the hidden villainous agenda of Raj’s brother, the former’s wife raises an alarm.

That’s when Raj, with the help of the police, becomes successful in nabbing his brother red handed. Just as when Raj and his wife become extremely happy about the fact that the villain has now been trapped, there comes a phone call from the police to Raj stating that his brother has managed to escape from the prison!

What happens to the lives of Raj and his wife is what forms the rest of the super interesting film Devil, which will be released on ULLU app on April 30.

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