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Did Anurag Dobhal-KhanZaadi actually kiss upon AnuZaadi reunion? Here’s the truth

Are Anurag Dobhal and KhanZaadi a couple after Bigg Boss 17? Here's everything we know

Did Anurag Dobhal-KhanZaadi actually kiss upon AnuZaadi reunion? Here’s the truth
Anurag Dobhal, KhanZaadi

Last Updated: 08.44 PM, Feb 08, 2024


Among the many reunions at the Bigg Boss 17 party, was Anurag Dobhal and KhanZaadi’s. Even though they would only talk about leaving Salman Khan’s show, the two bonded on a different level than everybody. This was also because of their North Indian connection and love for adventures and the mountains. So, when AnuZaadi finally met, emotions were at an all-time high. Did they really share a kiss in the videos which are going viral? Not like it should be a big deal for it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but we bring you the videos for some more insight…

What really happened

Anurag went to where KhanZaadi aka Firoza Khan already was. They shared a bear hug and KhanZaadi got so excited she jumped in Anurag’s arms and he picked her up. While trying to find the ground to stand back on, she ended up crashing into Anurag and pulled back immediately. Both of them did not even notice that small detail and continued being excited to see each other after a long time. They spoke to one another normally and held hands.

The AnuZaadi reunion

Anurag and KhanZaadi shared a hot-and-cold equation in the Bigg Boss 17 house initially. However, they came to a point where they both could not deal with the complications that came with people around them. The two felt their energy draining after being with the very people (who hoped that be the case so that they can win the show). Neither Anurag nor KhanZaadi cared and just hoped to get out of the house, which they eventually did. Anurag, after one point, gave up on the thought but it was almost too late by that time because Bigg Boss hoped he would leave the show.

What’s the deal with KhanZaadi-Abhishek?

KhanZaadi and Abhishek Kumar were falling for each other on Bigg Boss 17. Abhishek asked KhanZaadi to wait for him to come outside. He is out of the show now but neither have made anything official. In fact, their photos or videos have not gone viral, thus hinting that whatever was, ended with the show. We can however not be sure till AbhiZaadi confirm what is going on between them.

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