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Did Patna Shuklla makers face backlash for politician dialogue? Arbaaz Khan answers | Exclusive

Patna Shuklla stars Raveena Tandon in the role of a lawyer

Did Patna Shuklla makers face backlash for politician dialogue? Arbaaz Khan answers | Exclusive
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Last Updated: 09.57 PM, Mar 28, 2024


Ever since Patna Shuklla trailer was out, a dialogue has been a hit among the viewers. It is where a politician talks about new ways of doing things. ‘Illegal cheezein bhi legal tareeke se karte hai,’ is the crux of the dialogue. Given how the dialogue is suggestive, netizens believe that the makers could have gotten into trouble for it. When we met the producer of the movie, Arbaaz Khan, we questioned him if there was any backlash for the said dialogue.


Arbaaz responded saying, “In Hindi films, for years we have done a lot of things. We have shown cops that are corrupt. We have shown politicians that are corrupt. It’s a film at the end of the day. It has not been based on any particular person. No person can take offence that you projected us and said this about us. It’s a film. It has to be looked at it how we balance it off with a good as well as a corrupt cop. This politician is a little bit of a power drunk politician. So, the freedom should be that, you know, we should be allowed to make the films that we did.”

He added, “And then secondly, there is a censor board. Forget everything else. Whatever we make, ultimately, the film goes through a censor. Once you have made a body that approves that a film is ready for consumption for whatever, age group or whatever, UA film or kids film or adult film, once you accept that committee, then I don’t see any reason why there should be any issue. Not with my film, with any film for that matter. It’s a very subtle dialogue and we also know that, you know, people in power tend to misuse, you know, whoever it is. They don’t have to be only from a politician background to be in power and to misuse your power. You could be a cop and misuse your power. You could be a doctor and misuse your power. You could be a filmmaker and misuse your power you could be a politician and misuse your power, and we have seen that worldwide politicians worldwide also misuse their power, right?”

Patna Shuklla, starring Raveena Tandon and Anushka Kaushik, releases on Disney+Hotstar on March 29.

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