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Did you know? Prashanth Neel originally planned to make a new film series after 'K.G.F'

However, he consciously chose to retell the 'Ugramm' story in the form of 'Salaar' because of myriad reasons

Did you know? Prashanth Neel originally planned to make a new film series after 'K.G.F'
Prashanth Neel and Prabhas

Last Updated: 07.36 PM, Dec 21, 2023


Prashanth Neel has no qualms in finally revealing that his upcoming 'Salaar' carries the same essence as his debut film 'Ugramm', which released in 2014. In his most interactions with the media, the writer-director has wholeheartedly admitted that Salaar was born out of Ugramm but asserts that the new film is not a remake but a retelling of the story. 

Neel also talks about how Ugramm did not receive the attention and the love it deserved during its theatrical run and suggests the conception of 'Salaar' to be a cathartic experience, as it were, mainly because he didn't get his wish of seeing THAT story fill-uo cinema halls. With Prabhas, Hombale Films and the entire country backing him this time around, looks like the tale of two friends will finally get its due.


But was 'Salaar' the film that he wished to make after the two 'K.G.F' films? Turns out Prashanth Neel initially wanted to delve into a mythology series of films that he had been putting together, but he instead chose to take on 'Salaar' because, again, he wanted to do better justice to the story and its ethos. 

"It was a conscious decision on my part," he says in a recent interview before stating that the film was pitched to Prabhas, a Telugu actor, only because he has already narrated the story in Kannada. 

As far as the mythology series is concerned, Neel doesn't go on to divulge more about the project but it emerged a few months ago that he is in talks with well-known Telugu producer Dil Raju for a similar project. At the time the news broke, Dil Raju shared that the film was titled 'Ravanam' and that it was going to be another collaboration between Prashanth Neel and Prabhas.

However, with the filmmaker now revealing that he has plans for a series and not a standalone film, one cannot help but be intrigued. Of course, knowing his penchant to create detailed mythical worlds, it would be fascinating to see what he does with this subgenre. And if this series were to include Prabhas, he certainly would have the attention of the 'Baahubali' fandom. 

"I don't like to shoot anything in the real world," he quips in the interview and at this point, no one wants him to return to the real world anyway.

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