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Diganth and Yogi led Bachelor Party gets a streaming partner?

Director Abhijit Mahesh’s debut film, about a bachelor party gone wrong, will be on OTT shortly, but there is a catch

Diganth and Yogi led Bachelor Party gets a streaming partner?
Diganth and Yogi

Last Updated: 05.30 PM, Feb 27, 2024


The first film from actor-filmmaker Rakshit Shetty’s banner to release in the new year was Bachelor Party, a film by Abhijit Mahesh. Known as quite the funster, Abhijit, though, was not able to translate his sense of humour into a comic-filled script and the film did not work at the box office. Led by Diganth, Loose Mada Yogi, Achyuth Kumar and Siri Ravikumar, Bachelor Party, as the name suggests, revolves around a bachelor party gone awry.

At the time of the film’s Republic Day release, it did not have a streaming partner on board and even now, there is no official confirmation on the same, but sources say that Bachelor Party has been picked up by a streamer but there are conditions attached. Amazon Prime Video, which has been collaborating with Rakshit Shetty’s Paramvah Studios, has apparently taken the film, albeit on rental basis only, we hear. The film will soon be available on the platform, say sources.


Diganth and Yogi play childhood buddies Santhosh and Maddy, who reunite at another friend’s bachelor party, and then, after a night of mindless drinking, find themselves in Bangkok, along with a third person – their PT master (played by Achyuth Kumar). As they try to figure out when and how they landed in Bangkok, Santhosh catches sight of his wife, Sandhya (Siri Ravikumar) and makes it his mission to find out why she’s also there.

The next film from the Paramvah stable is said to be Ibbani Tabbida Ileyali, starring Vihaan and Ankita Amar and directed by Chandrajith Beliyappa. There are a few more films that are ready for audiences, but there is no information yet on the release plans. Like, for instance, Mithya, which premiered at MAMI in Mumbai. The film is being screened at the Bengaluru International Film Festival as well. Abracadabra, yet another Paramvah production, will have its premier at the same festival.

During the promotions of his last release, Sapta Sagaradaache Ello, Rakshit had spoken about giving a bunch of filmmakers a platform to tell the kind of stories they want to in their style with their first films, irrespective of its commercial aspects, and that the hope is that they will then learn to tell such tales in more financially viable ways.

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