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Director Vasu sir told me to handle my role in Drishya 2 how I deemed fit: Pramod Shetty

The actor plays a senior police officer, a character done by Murali Gopy in the Malayalam original

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 04.48 AM, Dec 01, 2021

Director Vasu sir told me to handle my role in Drishya 2 how I deemed fit: Pramod Shetty
Pramod Shetty

Pramod Shetty has been in Kannada films for about seven years, and yet, when he was offered a role in Drishya 2, he was not sure whether to take it up. Drishya 2 is the official Kannada remake of the Malayalam film Drishyam 2, in which Pramod has taken on the role done by Murali Gopy in the original. “A big director was involved and a production house from the Malayalam industry was backing it, so, I asked Rishab Shetty what he thought of it. Rishab is like an encyclopedia on all things film and he said that (director) P Vasu has been credited with more then 60 movies and that working with him would be a good experience for me. Once I met Ravichandran sir (who is playing the lead in the film), he put me at ease, telling me that he had seen my work in my earlier films, which reassured me also that he was aware of what I can bring to the table as an artiste and that made working on this project all the better,” said Pramod at a recent event.

The actor adds, “I met Vasu sir on the first day of the shoot, and for me, working with such an accomplished filmmaker was a first. I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was right or wrong and Vasu sir caught on to my confusion. After the first shot, he called me aside to address this. I told him that I was not sure whether to do the role in my style or whether he had something in mind. He turned to me and said that I should just do what I think feels right for the role and that if at all he wants a change, he would tell me. After that I felt a lot more relieved on set.”

Drishya 2 brings back Ravichandran as Rajendra Ponnappa, a man who goes all out to ensure the safety and security of his family. Joining him again are Navya Nair, Aarohi Narayan, Asha Sharath, and Prabhu, with Pramod and Anant Nag new editions to the cast. In the original film, Murali Gopy was a senior police official who reopens the case of the missing son of the former IG, played by Asha Sharath. Pramod takes on this role, so, he has scenes with pretty much everyone on the cast.