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Dismissing Superman: Legacy casting rumours to revealing details about The Batman 2 – Everything James Gunn did on Threads in past 24 hours

James Gunn took to Threads and decided to talk about everything, including Superman: Legacy, The Batman 2, DC Elseworlds, and more

Dismissing Superman: Legacy casting rumours to revealing details about The Batman 2 – Everything James Gunn did on Threads in past 24 hours
James Gunn's DCU Revelations

Last Updated: 01.20 PM, Dec 16, 2023


No filmmaker is as active and prompt as James Gunn on his social media front. The man who is now busy working on Superman: Legacy and building an entire branch of Warner Bros. Studios from scratch is probably the most sought-after figure on social media. Everyone is intrigued about what he is shaping with Peter Safran and what will happen to the projects that were already in the making before he joined. Gunn has now decided to answer all our doubts and reveal details about the DC Elseworlds projects. 

In the past 24 hours, James Gunn has been very active on Threads. He chose to answer some fan questions and in the process, he ended up giving many updates. Recently, it was said that Guardians Of The Galaxy's Pom Klementieff and Miriam Shor have joined Superman: Legacy. When a fan asked if this was true, Gunn outright dismissed the report. 

"Despite Pom being one of my favorite actors to work with, this is 100% not true. Not only is Pom not in the movie, but no one has ever even discussed her being in the movie, nor do I have any idea what role she would possibly play." He even shunned Miriam Shor’s casting rumors by later adding, "I'd like to find a place for Miriam in the DCU, maybe even in Legacy, but she isn't presently cast in anything." 

James Gunn was then asked by a fan about the new Superman suit in Superman: Legacy and whether it would be "more classic, modern, or something new and different." Gunn replied, "All of the above." He'd go on to add, "The costume is mostly done but we’re still going back and forth on some elements. A lot of the score—maybe even most of the major themes—have already been written."

Asked about the composer for Legacy, James Gunn said, "I’m not sure the deal is closed yet. I have to check...And yes I know that sounds crazy since so much of the score has been written, but when you’re riding the waves of inspiration, what are you going to do? I wrote most of Peacemaker and all of Creature Commandos before I had a closed deal! It’s uncommon but I’ve been having scores written before the movies are shot - we play the music on set - all the way back to Super."

He even answered a question that asked about the comics that inspired Superman: Legacy. "There are a lot of elements in Birthright that have inspired Legacy, just as there are elements from All-Star, For All Seasons, back to the original Siegel and Shuster stories, and much, much more." While doing so, he even had a few words for his Superman, David Corenswet. He wrote, "I love that guy! Fully immersed."

It was at this point that one question about The Batman Part ll came in. The fan asked about Robert Pattinson’s project, which is a part of DC Elseworlds but will that world’s Batman debut in The Brave And The Bold? The filmmaker spoke about being involved with the Matt Reeves version. He said, "I heard a pitch. No script yet."

Explaining his role beyond DC Studios' offerings, James Gunn added, "Todd had Joker in full swing by the time we came onboard - I’ve watched and given notes, but it is mostly with WB, where it started. Everything forward in live-action we’re involved with." With this, he also revealed that DC Elseworlds will have a new logo. And if we aren’t wrong, Joker: Folie à Deux, aka Joker 2, will be the first time we see it. 

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