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Dive into passion before Anyone But You’s India release with 5 other enemies-to-lovers flicks on OTTs

After lots of scandals and rumours, Anyone But You is coming to invade the Indian screens on January 5, 2024

Dive into passion before Anyone But You’s India release with 5 other enemies-to-lovers flicks on OTTs

Stills from Anyone But You, The Hating Game, The Ugly Turth

Last Updated: 12.03 AM, Jan 05, 2024


You know the drill, quirky banter, sassy bickering, fake-dating that somehow turns real. It's a Hollywood rom-com formula as old as time, but why do we still eat it up? Maybe it's the undeniable charm of watching two attractive people stumble towards love, one witty insult at a time. But now imagine, what if that spark wasn't just scripted? What if the tension crackled off-screen too? Suddenly, that predictable plot thickens with a dose of real-life romance, and the popcorn just got a whole lot tastier, right?

Anyone But You is set to sizzle with its unconventional pairing of Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney. Their electrifying chemistry promises to spark a firestorm of passion, leaving you breathless. Mark your calendars for January 5, as the film hits the Indian screens, and on Netflix on April 20, 2024. In the meantime, let's delve into some other quirky gems hidden on OTT platforms.


What Happens In Vegas

This film tells a story about two unknown people, Jack and Joy, are having a crazy drunk night in Vegas and, somehow, the next day, wake up married! And to top it all off, they won a massive chunk of money, three million bucks! But here's the twist, that money got them stuck together, like super glue as married folks. No escaping this marriage now, thanks to all that cash. Watch What Happens In Vegas on Netflix to find out if the ‘couple’ split the money after several court fights, or fall in love.

The Hating Game

This film tells a story about two corporate sharks – Lucy and Joshua, who work in the same company. They want the same promotion and end up arguing and fighting a lot. But even though they don't get along, they start to like each other. It's like their fighting is a flower that slowly starts to die when they realise they have feelings for each other. Watch The Hating Game on Amazon Prime Video to find out the process of falling in love.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This film tells a story about Andie, who is intrigued by a daring column challenge, finds herself face-to-face with Benjamin, a charming marketing agent with a twinkle in his eye and a secret bet. Andie wants to write a funny story about how to push a guy away, while Ben is trying to prove he can make any girl fall for him. They both have secrets, but somehow, they end up liking each other anyway. Watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days on Amazon Prime Video to enjoy the evilness.

The Ugly Truth

This film tells a story about Abby, who makes TV shows, needs to save her own show from getting cancelled as it's failing to achieve much TRPs. She thinks a new segment about love could do the trick. But there's a problem. The guy she wants to help her, Mike, doesn't believe in love at all. To convince him, Abby makes a deal with Mike. He will have to try out some silly tests about relationships on her show, and in return, Abby will try to win over her cute neighbour, the doctor Colin. Will Mike's grumpy heart learn to love? Will Abby find love with the doctor? Or Mike and Abbey fall in love with each other? Find out the answers on Netflix.

Pride & Prejudice

Adapted from Jane Austen's namesake novel, this film tells a story about Lizzy Bennet, a headstrong girl, but she also knows how to be smart and respect elders. At a big ball party, she meets a rich guy named Mr. Darcy, an arrogant man, who thinks he's better than everyone else. They don't get along at first, but they end up having a strange connection. After several misunderstandings, fighting, and more, do they fall in love at the end? Check out Pride & Prejudice on Netflix.

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