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Divya Agarwal finally reveals the real reason for breakup with Varun Sood: Unhappiness

Divya and Varun were dating since 2018 and announced their breakup in 2022.

Divya Agarwal finally reveals the real reason for breakup with Varun Sood: Unhappiness

Last Updated: 01.45 AM, Mar 12, 2023


Divya Agarwal has spoken about her breakup with ex Varun Sood. She has revealed that it was unhappiness between them that they decided to part ways. Divya and Varun were together since 2018.

Divya told IB Times that she was unhappy in the relationship with Varun and thus, she decided to separate from him. “Sometimes the pain behind happy pictures isn’t visible to these faceless trolls,” she said.

The actress shared that while blamed for the separation, she was unhappy and thus, the best decision was to part away. She even spoke about being judged by the society. The actress hinted that she was called a rebel and made to feel guilty for her decision.

Divya is now engaged to entrepreneur Apurva Padgaonkar. They exchanged rings on her 30th birthday in December 2022.

She believes she chose peace as she decided to move on from the long-term relationship with Varun. “It’s extremely tough to move on but if you choose to stay where you are unhappy, that’s tough anyway. Instead, release yourself and your significant other to find peace in other things life gave us,” Divya shared.

Varun and Divya met one another on Ace of Space. He confessed his love for her in 2018, on the show. Within a year, Divya had moved in with Varun.

The two had bought a house together after she won Bigg Boss OTT in 2021. The two were also talking about a wedding. However, Divya announced her breakup with Varun, leaving everyone shocked.

Both Divya and Varun were seen on OTT recently. While she was last seen in an extended cameo in Abhay season 3, Varun was seen in Potluck season 2.

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