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Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s Adrishyam episode 17 – Begum wants Parvati-Ravi dead, watch her plot a devious plan

Know what happened in Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s Adrishyam episode 16 too

Divyanka Tripathi-Eijaz Khan’s Adrishyam episode 17 – Begum wants Parvati-Ravi dead, watch her plot a devious plan

Last Updated: 12.08 PM, Jun 01, 2024


Adrishyam episode 16 is out and Eijaz Khan’s Ravi Verma got busy tracking Begum down, with the help of Divyanka Tripathi’s Parvati Segal. Now, with episode 17, scheduled to release next Thursday i.e. on June 6, things progress further than expected. Ravi and Parvati got Begum’s address and are at her house. However, she has made her big move as well. It is now a matter of timing between the them. Watch the promo, released by the makers, here…

What will happen in episode 17?

“Ab tak sattar,” Parvati says, most likely to Tareek Malik. She adds that it felt like they tried for 74 (but failed). Meanwhile, Ravi’s khabri finds Begum’s address with a peculiar mark outside her house. Not long after, the team raids into the house to capture Begum by all means possible. Begum’s target is the team, and she has moved on with the plan. She has sent her aid as a suicide bomber, who is also skilled with using the knife. Begum trains her personally, stating, “Tumhaara maqsad bahut bada hai.” The promo ends with the woman heading towards her destination.

What happened in episode 16?

11 people have died after the bombs set by Begum went off across India. On hearing about it on TV, Ravi gets to work and gets his team to trace what exactly happened. Parvati believes this is them challenging the team. She asks them to increase the security around Tareek Malik. Chief walks off saying she just needs results after everything that took place in their presence. While Ravi gathers his team, Begum has already planned another attack and the terrorists will use the sea route for the same.

Meanwhile, Khushi misses her mother Parvati, who is caught up in the dangerous mission. Khushi asks her dadi to call up her mother, but she refuses saying that Khushi’s father has kept them in a resort with no network. Parvati’s husband Vikram plans with Nisha how to get divorce from Parvati. Nisha says she can get a statement from Parvati ‘very easily’ and that they can handle Khushi because she’s just a child. She assures Vikram will get Khushi’s custody. Nisha turns Khushi’s teacher, and the child revolts.


Ravi’s wife Shriya finally hears the news and calls him instantly. She asks him to come back, in the middle of a mission. Shriya is already frustrated with the puppy, and he shows concern. After, Ravi gets back to his mission and continues to track Begum down.

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