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Doctor Who Series 14 OTT release date – Ncuti Gatwa’s time-travel adventure to stream on this platform

Doctor Who Series 14 OTT release date – Ncuti Gatwa of Sex Education fame is the next Doctor Who, an alien Time Lord who travels through space and time using TARDIS, a police booth-lookalike.

Doctor Who Series 14 OTT release date – Ncuti Gatwa’s time-travel adventure to stream on this platform
Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson as the Fifteenth Doctor and his companion Ruby

Last Updated: 01.58 PM, Mar 17, 2024


Doctor Who number 15 is here. Ncuti Gatwa is the next Time Lord, of alien origin, traveling through space and time to advocate good causes, help people, and have great adventures. The episodes for the new season are directed by Ben Chessel, Julie Ann Robinson, Dylan Holmes Williams, and Jamie Donoughue. Accompanied by Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday, the new Doctor Who will land on Disney+ Hotstar in his TARDIS this summer.

Doctor Who Series 14 release date and teaser


Doctor Who Series 14 will be available for streaming from May 11, 2024, onward. After the Christmas special episode in 2023, featuring an exciting goblin-filled adventure, the new season will comprise 8 episodes. The Fifteenth Doctor was introduced in The Giggle, the third and final of the 2023 60th anniversary specials, through a “bi-generation” process.

Name of Series Doctor Who
Series Number 14
Number of Episodes 8
Release Date May 11, 2024
OTT Platform Disney+ Hotstar

Doctor Who Series 14 what to expect?

David Tenant’s Fourteenth Doctor mitosised into a regenerated self and a new Fifteenth doctor, essayed by Ncuti Gatwa, who split from him. After helping him defeat The Toymaker, the two part ways with their respective TARDIS. In Series 14 of Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor and his companion Ruby will travel through time and space, ranging from the Regency era in England to bizarre outer-space worlds, to the rocking sixties.

However, they are not just on holiday, as they live and help people in different eras and locales, while making some incredible friends and deadly enemies. But when a terrifying secret, spanning the spatiotemporal realms, is unveiled, chaos may reign supreme, unless the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby do something about it.

Doctor Who Series 14 cast

Filled with monsters, aliens, chases, mysteries, rocking vintage parties, villains and secrets, Series 14 of Doctor Who offers tantalizing glimpses in a teaser. The new season of the time-travel adventure will also feature Aneurin Barnard, Anita Dobson, Michelle Greenidge, Jonathan Groff, Yasmin Finney, Genesis Lynea, Bonnie Langford, Lenny Rush, Indira Varma, Jemma Redgrave, and Angela Wynter in prominent roles.

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