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Doom Patrol trailer for final episodes: The team takes on 'one last mission' before the end

Doom Patrol season 4 premieres this October on Max

Doom Patrol trailer for final episodes: The team takes on 'one last mission' before the end
Characters in Doom Patrol

Last Updated: 11.51 PM, Sep 21, 2023


The latest trailer for the final episodes of the DC superhero TV series, Doom Patrol has been released. The show follows members of the Doom Patrol who acquire superpowers after a traumatic incident. In the previous season, the team was transported to a mysterious dimension known as Orqwith. The upcoming season picks up where it left off, with the characters facing the danger of having their longevity stolen in a bone-made architecture. The trailer shows the Doom Patrol team embarking on a new mission to defeat the all-powerful Immortus and his army in the unfamiliar dimension. However, they soon discover that the force called Immortus is capable of stripping them of their longevity. The heroes, including Robotman, Jane, Rita, Cyborg, and Negative Man, struggles to cope up with the loss of longevity which they had previously taken for granted. 


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Director Bosede Williams shared that the goal for was to make Orqwith a dark and unsettling location. He explained that he imagined Orqwith as a space that would completely disorientate the characters and take them out of their comfort zones.

Williams enjoyed creating the world of Orqwith, paying close attention to every detail, including lighting, bone structures, and types of flowers that would fit well in the dimension. According to the director, the return of the superheroine Casey Brinke will have an effect in the final season. "Doom Patrol is dark, it is about trauma and dysfunction. But Casey evokes a simpler time. They bring the brightness, and it's really nice to see them come running in when they do," Williams said.

The final episodes of Season 4 of Doom Patrol will premiere on Max and Amazon Prime Video from October 12.

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