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Dua Lipa's live version of ‘Houdini’ spells magic in London Sessions

Dua Lipa’s latest song ‘Houdini’ was released last year, and it has been heating up the internet with its electrifying music

Dua Lipa's live version of ‘Houdini’ spells magic in London Sessions

Dua Lipa from 'Houdini'

Last Updated: 04.45 AM, Jan 13, 2024


Dua Lipa, still basking in the glow of her Golden Globe nomination for the Barbie song ‘Dance The Night, surprised fans with her electrifying new single ‘Houdini’ released in 2023. The track marks her first release since her 2020 album Future Nostalgia, which dominated the charts for two years.

About 'Houdini' song

In ‘Houdini', Dua Lipa playfully challenges a guy to prove he is worth her time in a bold, confident way. Compared with her other hits, ‘Houdini's music is quite different. It has got more punch and energy than her usual club tracks, thanks to Kevin Parker and Danny L Harle. They add some cool, heavy synth sounds, a steady beat that will not quit, and even some playful bongos. It's like the songs in Future Nostalgia were all wrapped in a fancy, smooth package, but this one has all the little bits and pieces on display for everyone to see and enjoy.


Houdini (London Sessions)

Recently Dua Lipa has dropped a special live version of ‘Houdini (London Sessions)’, which is a rendition of the original song. For the unversed, ‘Houdini' has ranked the #11 position on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for UK singles. Hence to celebrate this success, Dua dropped the amazing live version for her UK fans. ‘Houdini' is the first track from her highly anticipated upcoming album.

Dua Lipa's smoking hot fashion

In ‘Houdini' (London Sessions)’, Dua Lipa is looking smoking hot in her teeny-tiny fashion. The black leather hotpant, paired with black full-sleeve t-shirt brimming with enough attitude to fill a stadium. What secrets do they hold? Only the fearless fashionista who dares to wear them knows.

'Dance The Night's triumph

Earlier this month, ‘Dance The Night' topped the Top 20 Global Spotify Chart. Not only that, the song was also played during the New Year celebration fireworks on the famous London Bridge. Surely, it's a big win for the young singer.

Golden Globes 2024

Although ‘Dance The Night' was nominated, Billie Eilish’s ‘What Was I Made For’ won the Best Original Song category at the 81st Golden Globe Awards 2024. Despite having several off-beat songs, the soothing and calm ‘What Was I Made For’ won the prestigious accolade.

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